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    When to buy a bike?

    Alice Huot
    Alice Huot
    Jul 2, 2024 8 min
    When to buy a bike?

    If you have come to ask yourself this question, it is probably because you feel the need for something new. Another whim, you think? No, probably not. You have plenty of good reasons to feel that the time has come to buy a new bike. How do you know when it is time to buy a new bike? Considering the deals and the season, when should you buy a bike? Let our expertise guide you!

    What about your current bike?

    Be objective when evaluating your current bike

    Oh, how you love your little bike. It has already taken you on many beautiful adventures and covered countless miles of roads and trails. But the fact is, it might be starting to show its age. Even with the greatest care, this is unfortunately inevitable. Some components wear out or become outdated. So, try to make an objective assessment of the condition of your bike.

    When to buy a bike?
    What condition is your bike in?

    Don't let it rust in the garage

    Maybe you don't love your bike that much after all. Yes, when you bought it, it seemed suited to your needs. In the end, it spent most of its time hidden in the garage instead of hitting the trails. The unfortunate thing about bikes is that they wear out even when not in use. So, you need to ask yourself if it's worth keeping.

    Repair or replace?

    You have two options: repair all the worn-out parts or say goodbye and start fresh with something newer and in better condition. It's a calculation to make, but sometimes, refurbishing your bike costs almost as much as replacing it. Not to mention the time you'll need to invest. Maybe you have no idea where to start. This could be a sign that it's time to change your bike and/or get a new one.

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    When to buy a bike?
    Do you feel capable of refurbishing your bike?

    How do you know if your current bike no longer suits you?

    Your bike no longer meets your current needs

    Your bike may be getting old (or maybe not), but that's not all. The truth is, perhaps you're simply no longer satisfied with your current bike. It's as simple as that. You've recently realized that your bike no longer meets your current needs. Don't worry, this isn't just a whim; our desires and needs evolve as we grow. If your bike isn't suitable for the way you use it or would like to use it - it's time to buy another one!

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    When to buy a bike? You want to progress

    As cyclists, we improve a little every day, and there comes a point where the bike we have may hold us back in this progression. Again, nothing alarming, in fact, it's a good sign: you're improving, congratulations! But now you realize that your bike doesn't do justice to your level and that it's affecting your performance. Well, once again, this means it's time to sell it and buy a more high-performance one.

    When to buy a bike?
    You might also want to change sports and therefore the type of bike.

    When to buy a bike? The best times of the year

    Seasonal sales and end-of-year clearances are great times to find attractive offers on new bikes and equipment. Let's go over them together.

    Summer and winter sales

    Twice a year, there are sales where you can make great deals. Even small discounts can be significant on the price of a bike, so it's sometimes worth being a little patient.

    When to buy a bike?
    Seasonal sales can offer attractive prices!

    Seasonal clearances

    From June/July onwards, stores begin to receive new models, prompting them to quickly clear out their existing stock. As a result, from this period onward, significant discounts start to be offered, but it's especially towards October that the offers become particularly attractive. However, by this stage, the selection will be considerably reduced. Therefore, it's about finding a balance between model availability and the savings made.

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    End of season

    Buying a used bike at the end of the season offers several advantages. At this time, many cyclists opt to upgrade their equipment or sell their current bike to fund the purchase of a new model. This creates a plentiful supply of used bikes on the market, which can lead to more attractive prices.

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    buycycle is the leading platform for buying and selling used bikes. Throughout the year, there's a wide selection of high-quality used bikes available. Most of them belong to enthusiasts and have been meticulously maintained. You can find bikes that look and perform like new for significantly less. And if you have any doubts about the bike's condition, you can simply request it to be refurbished. In any case, your purchase is guaranteed with satisfaction or money-back.

    When to buy a bike?
    buycycle offers competitive prices all year round.

    So, is it time for you to buy a bike?

    In conclusion, listening to the signs indicating that it might be time to change your bike can help you continue to fully enjoy your passion for cycling. Whether it's for safety reasons, performance, or simply the pleasure of riding, never underestimate the importance of riding a bike that suits your needs and cycling ambitions. You can also add a bit of rationality to your purchase by considering the best time of year to buy a bike. But here's the good news: at buycycle, there are unbeatable prices all year round, so go for it!

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