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    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO Review

    Alice Huot
    Alice Huot
    May 15, 2024 7 min
    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO Review

    “Speed. Comfort. Endurance. Versatility.” - that is how BMC promotes their new Roadmachine, the third generation of the brands endurance bike. BMC claims to have created the one bike for your “one-bike-collection” - the one bike who beats them all, your companion in every situation. In todays video we want to give you a quick overview of the new features of the 2024 BMC Roadmachine and in the end we’ll have a closer look at who this bike is a perfect match for. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO test

    BMC Roadmachine models overview




    Price (USD)

    Roadmachine FIVE

    Entry-level road setup with mechanical Shimano 105 groupset and Mavic Open Dis wheels

    Shimano 105 groupset, Mavic Open Dis wheels


    Roadmachine FOUR

    Mid-tier road setup with Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset and DT Swiss E1800 Spline wheels

    Shimano Ultegra groupset, DT Swiss E1800 wheels


    Roadmachine THREE

    High-end road setup with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset and DT Swiss ERC 1400 wheels

    Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset, DT Swiss ERC 1400 wheels


    Roadmachine TWO

    Premium road setup with Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical groupset and ENVE SES 3.4 AR Disc wheels

    Shimano Dura-Ace groupset, ENVE SES 3.4 AR Disc wheels


    Roadmachine ONE

    Flagship road setup with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic groupset and ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc wheels

    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset, ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc


    Roadmachine 01 TWO

    Top-tier road setup with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 electronic groupset and ENVE SES 5.6 AR Disc wheels

    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset, ENVE SES 5.6 AR Disc


    Roadmachine family specificities

    The Roadmachine is available in a road-specific setup, a gravel-ready version, and an e-bike version. Both the road and gravel versions share the same frameset.

    The Roadmachine 01 and the Roadmachine are the road setups, offering a total of 6 different specifications. With the Roadmachine 01 being the more premium version. Offering top tier components, bmc’s premium carbon and already coming with the integrated light and bottle cages. The lineup starts with the Roadmachine FIVE, which comes with mechanical Shimano 105 and Mavic Open Dis wheels priced at 3,299€ and makes it way all the way up to the flagship model featuring Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 and DT Swiss ERC 1100 wheels priced at 12,999€.

    The Roadmachine 01 X and the Roadmachine X are the gravel-ready options equipped with wider tires, 1x drivetrains, and the ICS MTT suspension stem. The MTT Suspension Stem, developed in collaboration with Redshift, offers up to 20mm of travel using interchangeable elastomers. These elastomers come in different stiffness levels, allowing the stem to be adjusted based on the rider's weight or preferred level of support. The Roadmachine 01 X also includes the downtube storage compartment and the integrated rear light. However, the Roadmachine X lacks the integrated backlight, which is a bit disappointing.

    Both the Roadmachine and Roadmachine X come with mudguard mounts. Additionally, you can attach BMC's D-Fender mudguard to the saddle rails. While the Roadmachine 01 models don't include mudguard mounts, BMC has tested the tubes with clip-on mudguards and assures that they can handle the additional stress.

    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO: Frame and geometry

    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO review
    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO

    Performance-driven appearance

    Focusing on the Roadmachine 01 TWO - the flagship model - one thing that immediately caught my attention was the performance-driven appearance of the bike. The Roadmachine 01 TWO is undoubtedly an endurance bike, but its design language gives it the sleek look of a race bike, thanks to the brand's styling.

    Comfort and control

    But upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the main focus of the bike is comfort and control - a geometry that BMC calls the "Endurance Formula." The kinked seat stays, along with the cutout in the seat tube and the carbon seatpost are meant to offer plenty of flexibility, enhancing the bike's comfort. The rear triangle leads to the new Roadmachine being 27% more compliant than its predecessor. Add to that the 40mm tire clearance that increased up from 33mm of the previous version, you are getting a seriously comfortable and versatile bike that can tackle various terrain. This adjustment only adds 1-3mm to the wheelbase - depending on the size - which results in the bike still being as responsive as possible.

    Enhanced performance features

    Thanks to a redesigned junction on the seat tube, top tube, and seat stay that rotates and deflects under load, the seatpost supplies around 2cm of travel without resorting to a discrete suspension system. The Roadmachine 01 TWO has a short rear center meaning that the chainstay is only 415mm short in all sizes. This makes it responsive, fast in acceleration, and particularly agile. It has a higher stack and shorter reach, with the 56cm-model having a 9mm higher stack and 2mm shorter reach than the old model, for example. This puts the rider in an appropriate position for endurance riding and gravel riding - as the brand claims. Additionally, the bike features BMC’s Stealth Dropouts, which were already presented on the fourth-generation of the Teammachine SLR01. These Stealth Dropouts hide the dropouts of the axles and give the bike a clean finish and improved aerodynamics.

    What makes the Roadmachine 01 TWO so special?

    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO review
    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO handlebar

    Innovative cockpit design

    Let's delve into two standout features of the BMC Roadmachine: the downtube storage compartment and the integrated rear light. But before we get into those, let’s discuss the new handlebar.

    The new ICS Carbon Evo cockpit features a fully integrated front end with a revised form for a better fit, comfort, and control, as BMC claims. It includes a fork with flat faces where the hydraulic hoses run alongside and into the upper headset bearing. Jigsaw-style spacers allow for easy adjustment of the handlebar height. BMC asserts that you can adjust the height by adding or removing one spacer, or change the stem length by about 10mm without needing to cut the hose.

    Integrated rear light

    Now, let's focus on the integrated rear light. This light is StVZO certified, meeting German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations, and offers two brightness levels. It's removable and rechargeable via USB cable. While the concept of having an integrated light on an endurance bike is commendable, there is room for improvement. The light only lasts 3 hours, which may not be ideal for long rides. Additionally, removing the light leaves a small hole in the seat stay. Switching between riding with the light and without it requires removing and reinstalling the seatpost.

    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO review
    BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO rear light

    Downtube storage compartment

    Now, onto my favorite feature of the new Roadmachine: the downtube storage compartment. We're seeing more and more brands integrating storage compartments into their endurance models, and the BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO is no exception. The storage compartment is concealed beneath the modified Aerocore bottle cage on the downtube. Turning a switch underneath opens the door to the integrated downtube storage. It includes a water-repellent pouch for storing tools and spares and is also available separately for other models.

    Weight considerations

    Mainly because of this downtube storage compartment, the new Roadmachine frame is claimed to weigh 963g in a size 54cm with the lightest paint finish and without hardware - which is an almost 90g increase in weight compared to the previous model. But BMC prioritized compliance and stiffness over reducing weight.

    Who is the BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO bike for?

    Compared to endurance bikes from other manufacturers, the Roadmachine 01 TWO definitely follows the industry trend of integrating more gravel features into their endurance bikes. For instance, Specialized offers 40mm tires and futureshock technology for front suspension on the Roubaix SL8, while the Trek Domane SLR also provides 40mm tire clearance and a storage compartment. On the other hand, we have the Giant Defy, a “true” endurance bike that prioritizes comfort without compromising speed.

    The BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO endurance bike is a versatile choice for any road ride. The Roadmachine family is incredibly adaptable—you own one bike, you own them all. With both the gravel-ready and road-specific setups sharing the same frame, riding position, and handling, the idea is to switch out the wheelset to explore different terrains without needing multiple bikes. If you're searching for a bike to build your "one-bike-collection," the Roadmachine is definitely worth considering.