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    Where to sell a bike?

    Robert Ferri
    Robert Ferri
    May 14, 2024 8 min
    Where to sell a bike?

    Where to sell a bike? Yes, it is time to say goodbye to your dear bike, but where can you sell your bike? Throughout your cycling journey, you will likely own several different bikes. Unfortunately, for many, it is not easy to keep them all, or you might need to invest in storage options and hire a personal mechanic to keep servicing them. 

    Sometimes, the best option is to sell bikes. Not only will you get some money, but someone will enjoy your bikes instead of gathering dust. In this article, we will discuss how to sell your bike, the best places to do it, and what to be aware of in a sale. 

    Where to sell a bike: overview of the options

    Where can I sell a bike? Well, you have many different routes to choose from, depending on the bike you are selling and the process you have to go through to get it to the customer. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have available.

    Where to sell a bike?

    • Sell to Close Friends or Family
    • Online Marketplace
    • Online Auctions
    • Local Club Advertising
    • Secondhand Bike Shops
    • Paid Advertisements
    where to sell your bike
    What is the best place to sell your bike?

    Where to sell a bike? To close friends or family

    The first option you have is to sell to close family or friends. You often sell it a bit cheaper, but you know where it’s going and get to see it being ridden and enjoyed by someone important to you. 

    Where to easily sell a used bike? Online marketplace

    Next, you have online marketplaces. This is a good option. Instead of relying on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, which often result in low-ball offers and attract bargain hunters, consider using buycycle, where you can avoid these drawbacks and have a smoother selling experience.

    Online auctions: not the best idea

    Another option is online auctions. Ebay can be an attractive good place where you can sell a bike either as an online auction or at a set price. Unfortunately, selling your bike in an auction on eBay may not be advisable due to uncertain selling prices, potential fees, and risks of fraud, among other limitations.

    Telling local clubs

    If you are looking to sell a bike and want it to go to a cycling enthusiast who will make the most of it, then you might want to advertise it with your local clubs on their pages. However, it may not always be the most reliable or efficient method. Indeed, the number of club members is limited, and it takes a stroke of luck to find someone who wants to buy your bike exactly in that size and at that moment.

    where to sell a bike
    It takes a stroke of luck to sell your bike through your local club

    Where to sell a bike offline: Secondhand bike shops

    You will also find many secondhand bike shops around. Some will buy the bike from you for resale, typically at a very low price, and others will offer a sale or return. Sale or return means they will advertise the bike and keep it in the shop, but the shop takes a cut if it sells. 

    Finally, we have paid adverts. These are where you can pay a small fee and advertise in a magazine or online cycling publication, where you will get a lot of exposure. It’s taking your bike and putting it right in front of potential buyers, but you are still paying the advert cost if it doesn't sell. 

    Where to sell a bike?
    Best place to sale a bike: Selling online

    Best place to sale a bike: Selling online

    Online vs offline

    Decades ago, buying and selling bikes was very different from what it is today. You would generally buy your bikes from a local bike shop, and when it came to where can i sell a bike, you would list them somewhere such as a local shop, or sell them to a friend.

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    In modern times, it is very different. With many internet websites selling directly to consumers, we are all used to getting our bikes in a box and building them at home. When it comes to selling, we can box them up and send them anywhere around the world. 

    Many cyclists ask us, “Where can I sell my bike? Is it better to sell my bike online or offline?” Well, they both have advantages and disadvantages and in this next section, we feel it’s important to discuss them both.

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    Online is the place to sell your bike

    An online marketplace is often the preferred choice for selling pre-owned bikes due to its large and targeted audience, offering sellers a quick and convenient way to reach potential buyers, ensuring competitive pricing, and security measures tailored for pre-owned items. Additionally, the transparent nature of marketplaces allows sellers to adjust their prices based on similar listings, maximizing their chances of a successful sale.

    What you want to avoid

    When we talk about selling online, we mainly mean using an online service such as an online auction site. Online, you can reach not just hundreds of potential customers but tens of thousands and possibly even more if you are in the right place.

    It generally means you can get a better price for your bike, but quite often, it means properly boxing it up and sending it across to your buyer. This comes with a few challenges because there’s a risk of getting damaged in transit.

    It is also worth mentioning that sometimes, if the bike is not listed correctly or the user hasn’t ordered the right size, the situation can get complicated, making it difficult to collect the bike back later. These worries can be eliminated with a service such as buycycle.

    Pros of online buying

    • Many more potential buyers regarding where can i sell a bike.
    • Much easier and faster to sell a bike.
    • You don’t need to meet the buyer in person.
    • Potentially, you can earn more money from a wider audience.
    • You get the ability to run the bike through an auction.

    Cons of online buying

    • Packing and posting.
    • Need to ensure correct specifications and sizes.
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    Where to sell a bike
    Sell your used bike online!

    Where to sell used bike: Selling offline is not always the best option

    Then, we have to sell offline. You might advertise locally or take the bike to a bike shop, for example. This is the more traditional way to sell a bike, and it is what people only had the option to do many years ago and the best way if you are asking the question where can I sell my bike for cash.

    Fewer option to sell your bike

    You have a few options such as going to a second hand bike shop and seeing if they will buy it off you or you might want to list it in the local paper or at a local shop or generally just word of mouth. Offline is not always been the best place to sell a bike.

    More likely to take less money

    Although the audience is incredibly limited this way, and generally, you are more than likely taking less money, it does mean you don’t need to pack the bike up, and people get to come and try it in person. 

    Where to sell a bike: Direct or using an intermediary?

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    Direct selling: Taking matters into your own hands

    When it comes to where can I sell my bike?, you have the option of selling directly, which involves listing on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, managing payments, and handling shipping independently. This involves risks because you are not a professional, and you may make mistakes during the selling and shipping process. This adds a significant mental burden.

    Using an intermediary: The buycycle advantage

    On the other hand, utilizing an intermediary service such as buycycle can greatly simplify the process. With buycycle, your bike is exposed to millions of potential customers, offering protection for both buyers and sellers, valuable tools and advice for pricing, and assistance with shipping. And most importantly, your shipment is guaranteed in case of damages during transport. Using such an intermediary is definitely worth it considering the service you receive.

    What to be careful of when selling a bike

    When selling a bike, there’s a lot you need to take into consideration to ensure the sale goes through properly and you are protected afterward. Here’s what you need to know regarding where to sell used bike and what to be careful of!

    The serial number

    It’s good to take down the serial number. The first thing you want to do with this number is check that it hasn’t been stolen on any online databases and also make a note in case of any future issues. 

    Take a lot of photos

    where to sell your bike
    Good photos are important to sell your bike

    It’s important to take lots of photos when you send the bike. This not only protects you, as you can say this was the condition it left in, but it also clearly shows all the components and what the buyer can expect when getting the bike. 

    Proper packing

    When you send a bike, it’s important that it’s packed properly and that you have done it with care and attention. If you send a bike that isn’t well packed and has problems in transit, it will leave a very poor first impression on the buyer. 


    There are many scams online when it comes to buying and selling goods, and it can be very challenging to navigate them safely. You need to question the authenticity if someone wants to pay in a strange way, such as goods and services on Paypal or offer a courier to collect with an insurance payment.

    The best way to sell a bike

    Where can I sell my bike? You have many different options. Sell my bike online? Sell my bike offline. In our opinion, the best place to sell a bike is to sell online with the protection of an intermediary such as buycycle. You get the biggest audience and protection for your payments, and the sending is made simple.