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    How to choose a triathlon bike?

    Alice Huot
    Alice Huot
    May 29, 2024 6 min
    How to choose a triathlon bike?

    Thinking about buying a triathlon bike? Whether you're a beginner or already immersed in the sport, navigating the vast selection can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this article, we'll list all the essential questions to ask yourself before making a purchase, ensuring you choose the right triathlon bike.

    Choosing a triathlon bike: the basics

    how to choose a Triathlon Bike
    A triathlon bike is a specialized bike.

    A triathlon bike isn’t just any bike.

    This sport requires specialized equipment to perform well, especially when it comes to the bike. Triathlon bikes are specifically designed for this sport and are not the same as traditional road or mountain bikes. For example, the BMC Timemachine One is a popular choice among triathletes.

    how to choose a Triathlon Bike
    Example of a triathlon bike: BMC Timemachine One.

    Triathlon bike features

    Triathlon bikes allow you to gain aerodynamics thanks to their features. The handlebars are positioned lower than on a standard road bike, letting you lean forward more for better air resistance.

    The frame is also longer and closer to the ground, allowing you to stretch out more. This enables you and your fellow triathletes to achieve a much more aerodynamic position when it's time to put in the effort.

    What about a road bike?

    If you're a beginner or participating in triathlons for leisure without aiming for top performance, a standard road bike can suffice. Many amateurs and local competitors use road bikes.

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    Equipping yourself for all three disciplines

    How to choose your triathlon bike

    Key questions

    Before making a final decision on which bike to buy, ask yourself these questions:

    • What are your expectations?
    • How will you use the bike?
    • Which models or brands naturally appeal to you?
    • When to Buy a Triathlon Bike

    Take the time to filter your choices more pragmatically. Consider your budget, the features of the bikes you're interested in, availability (immediate delivery or not), and reviews from athletes who have made similar purchases.

    But let’s take the time to go through all this in more detail in this triathlon bike buying guide.

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    choose a Triathlon Bike
    How do you plan to use your bike?

    Evaluate your training routine

    How often do you ride? How many kilometers do you cover weekly or monthly? What are your training terrains? What’s your current level, or what level are you aiming for?

    A beginner athlete, aiming to test themselves and have fun without specific performance goals, might not need a triathlon bike. It can be very expensive, especially considering the intended use.

    However, if you are an accomplished athlete, participating in multiple competitions, targeting a specific performance, and training accordingly, it’s better to have the best possible equipment.

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    How do you want to practice triathlon?

    Which triathlon are you aiming for?

    There are several types of triathlons. You can participate in shorter, "sprint" races (XS, S) or much longer ones (S, L, or M), or even an Ironman (extreme triathlon).

    Naturally, the longer the competition, with challenging terrain and elevation, the more we recommend investing in suitable equipment (without necessarily going for the top-of-the-line).

    Don't worry, beginners often prefer shorter distances (like XS or S), which can be perfectly managed with a triathlon bike.

    How to filter your triathlon bike choices?

     Triathlon race
    Your budget will already narrow down your choices for a triathlon bike.

    Determine your budget

    Buying a triathlon bike can be expensive. Generally, entry-level bikes cost between 1,500 and 3,000 euros. For a mid-range bike with decent performance, expect to pay between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

    For high-end, performance-oriented bikes, prices can be much higher, well beyond 6,000 euros. For those with more limited means, buying second-hand can be a good way to reduce costs.

    At buycycle, we cater to all budgets. We also have an article where we've selected the best triathlon bikes under 5,000 euros.

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    Brands, features, and reviews

    You might have a favorite brand. In any case, to minimize the risk of making a wrong choice, we recommend trusting well-known brands that are experts in this sport.

    Think of Cervélo, Specialized, Trek, Felt, and Cannondale, which offer iconic models like Cervélo's P and S series or Felt's IA and DA series. Consider the bike's weight (heavy, medium, or light), saddle, pedals, aerobars, speed, and overall comfort.

    Be sure to study all the features listed on the description page of the bikes you’re interested in and gather reviews from athletes who have chosen the targeted model.

    Where to buy your triathlon bike?

    Visit the place and test it out

    A final tip to ensure you make the right choice when buying your triathlon bike is to visit a general sports store or a specialized shop.

    Talk with the sellers, who are usually very knowledgeable, and most importantly, test the bike. You probably won’t be able to ride it for kilometers, but use the opportunity to test your comfort and feel on the bike to see if it suits your needs.

    You can also check our detailed guide on "How much does a bike cost?", for more advice before making your purchase.

    Consider used triathlon bikes

    Buying a second-hand triathlon bike can help you get a better-quality bike within your budget. On buycycle, for example, we offer a large selection of used bikes, some specifically suited for triathlon.

    Some options offer nearly sixty percent off, like a 2021 bike with very little use for 4,900 euros! We can also offer older bikes from 2012, with more kilometers, but at much more affordable prices (1,000 to 2,000 euros).

    If you haven’t found your triathlon bike yet, you can enter your criteria on our site and you will be notified via email as soon as a bike matching your preferences is listed for sale.

    Finding the right triathlon bike with buycycle is that simple!

    Choosing a wetsuit, cap, and goggles, picking the right running shoes... When doing a triathlon, many factors need to be considered. The choice of bike is also crucial.

    While it may seem complicated, a bit of patience, research, and discussions will help you find the machine you’ll be most comfortable with.

    We hope this triathlon bike buying guide has helped clarify things for you, and that you’ll soon find the perfect bike to accompany you in your upcoming triathlons.

    Triathlon Bike
    Once you've found your bike, go for it!