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    Cube Agree C:62 Race Review

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 3 min
    Cube Agree C:62 Race Review

    The ultimate Aero Endurance bike

    If you love the wind in your face and can't ride down endless asphalt trails fast enough, you'll find happiness in this blog post. We present no less bike than possibly the fastest long-distance bike on the market: The Cube Agree C:62 Race.

    1. Geometry.

    If you look at the frame, the geometry and material, not much has changed compared to the model from last year. Cube has used its high-performance, stable and lightweight C62 carbon material again. 62 stands for a carbon content of 62%. All in all, the complete wheel in size 58 weighs 8.2 kg, which is a good weight considering the wheels used.

    Since it is an endurance bike, the geometry of the Cube Agree puts the rider in a more upright position that provides more comfort and puts less strain on the back than a pure road bike. This makes it perfect for longer rides. However, with a stack of 590.8mm and a reach of 394.3mm, the geometry is a bit sportier compared to popular endurance bikes like the Canyon Endurace or the Trek Domane.

    2. Frame and components.

    The chassis really makes this bike shine and many changes have been made here. For the 2022 model, Cube has completely aerodynamically optimized the chassis, taking a cue from its high-end aero racers like the Cube Litening have been inspired. The tube profile has been completely optimized and the seatpost has been replaced with a more aerodynamic carbon post that also features integrated seatpost clamps. Since the seatpost is carbon, it will also absorb some slight vibrations, making the ride more comfortable. When it comes to aerodynamics, every millimeter and every piece of material counts, including the cables! The Agree Race has a completely internal cable routing, which means that the lines and cables are routed through the carbon handlebar and along under the stem and disappear in the head tube!

    The icing on the cake of this bike is the shifting group. The Cube Agree Race is equipped with the latest and improved electronic Shimano Ultegra Di2 group. With the new group you now get 12 gears instead of 11, faster and more precise shifting, a semi-wireless system that provides a clean look in the box and improved aerodynamics. The disc brake version has improved braking performance, reduced weight and ergonomically improved brake levers with a longer hood and pronounced shift knobs for a better shifting experience. With 50x34 on the crankset and an 11-34 cassette, you can comfortably tackle many mountain passes with this setup. If you want to get away from mechanical shifting or want to upgrade, you can't go wrong with this group!

    As for the wheels and tires, the Cube Agree Race comes with Fulcrum Racing 400 tubeless aluminum wheels. At 1710 grams, they are not the lightest, nor the most aerodynamic, but for the price of the bike, they are quite reasonable. They are equipped with Conti Grand Sport Race tires in 28 mm width, which is also the maximum tire clearance for this bike. This wider tire provides more comfort on rougher roads.

    Last but not least Cube has provided attachment points at the bottom of the top tube for a small storage box that comes with the bike. A cool little feature to carry snacks or to stow away a spare tube. You also get a Garmin-mount.

    3. Price.

    Now to the most important thing: How much does this bike cost? Well, the Cube Agree C62 Race costs EUR 3499. That's a great price considering you get a full carbon frame, carbon seatpost and handlebars, and the full semi-wireless Shimano Ultra groupset!

    4. Recommendation.

    Now to the question of whether it's a bike for you. Well, if you are someone who is looking for a comfortable long distance bike, but also wants a touch of a racy and faster riding experience, then definitely. It's a very well-rounded bike and a great set-up for ambitious hobbyist riders:inside. Price wise it is an absolute bargain. However, it is recommended to upgrade the wheelset to something lighter at some point to have a more versatile bike. All in all, a great bike with which you will definitely race on the asphalt!

    Now if you want to buy exactly this speeder, you can find it on the buycycle website. If you have any questions, please contact the buycycle team but until then we wish you happy browsing and happy cycling!