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    How much is my bike worth? Determining your bike's value

    Robert Ferri
    Robert Ferri
    May 29, 2024 7 min
    How much is my bike worth? Determining your bike's value

    How much is my bike worth? That is a good question. When it comes to getting a new bike, it is not rare that you might need to clear an old one to make way for it. If not, you will end up with a lot of bikes over the time you are a cyclist. The main challenge when doing this is knowing how much your bike is worth.

    In this article, buycycle will discuss how much your bike is worth and tell you about an amazing tool you can find on the buycycle website, which will make valuing your bike easy. We will even discuss different types of bikes and classic bikes as well. 

    How much is my bike worth: What affects the value of a bike?

    The first place to start is by discussing what affects a bike's value. Understanding these will go a very long way toward determining its value and what you should expect when selling it.


    The first factor when it comes to how much is my bike worth is age. If your bike is the latest model, you will get a lot more for it than an older model. This isn’t just seen on the second-hand market, but it’s also often seen in bike shops, where they offer big discounts for older models to make way for newer ones. 

    2.Component level

    When brands release a bike model they typically equip it with different levels of components. They offer basic equipment such as an aluminum frame and mechanical gearing or fully equip it with a carbon frame with electronic gearing.

    3.Type of bike

    The type of bike also affects its value over time. Common bikes, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, can devalue quickly compared to rarer bikes, such as recumbents and hand cycles. 


    The brand of the bike makes a big difference when it comes to bike worth. A bike from Specialized will hold more value than a lesser-known brand bike. It’s often because the quality can be higher, they are easier to get parts for, and people like them more.


    Another big factor is popularity. If a particular type of bike is very popular at the current time, it typically will be worth more money because of the demand for it. This was the case recently for gravel bikes.

    How much is my bike worth: How to find out

    Now, for the exciting part, how do I know how much my bike is worth? Let’s start by telling you how you are going to value your bike. Here are the methods we highly recommend to ensure you are not selling for too much or too little. This is the way you might do it for standard bikes.

    Discover the buycycle calculator

    How much is my bike worth calculator, from buycycle! The first and easiest method is to use our amazing buycycle calculator. This is going to ask you what bike you have, ask your level of components on it, and then it will give you an estimation of what you should be selling it for. 

    Try our bike worth calculator now!

    It will then guide you through adding pictures, setting a cost, and editing final details to ensure the buyer knows exactly what they are getting. It will even help you sell the bike further if you don’t have any interest within a couple of weeks. 

    Complete with some research

    You can search for your bike on buycycle in sold listings, and it will tell you what your bike is making

    An aditional step is to do some research for how much is my bike worth. You can search for your bike on buycycle in sold listings, and it will tell you what your bike is making. This is a great way to get a rough idea and doesn’t take long to do.

    Sometimes bikes are not equipped with parts as listed on the manufacturer's website. It’s good to check to ensure they have a similar specification. With a lot of bikes on buycycle you will find something similar.

    However, remember that our tool is based on our extensive database and is here to save you from wasting time doing your own research. For once, trust the technology; you will see that our tool will make your life a lot easier!

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    How much is my bike worth according to bike types?

    When it comes to selling your bike, determining its value can be challenging. Various factors influence a bike's worth, such as type, brand, condition, and components. In this article, we’ll break down the valuation process for different types of bikes to help you understand how much your bike might be worth.

    How much is my mountain bike worth?

    A mountain bike is quite complex to value, and often, you will find them sold in pieces or semi-built, as cyclists often want to keep parts like forks or dropper posts. If you cannot find any information, price it based on what the parts are worth together to find out how much your mountain bike is worth.

    How much is my road bike worth?

    Road bikes are fairly easy to value, but it really comes down to the model's specifications more than anything. If you are looking at something custom-built, price it by the components the bike has on it to determine its value.

    How much is my gravel bike worth?

    Gravel bikes are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. To value a gravel bike, look at the frame material, components, and overall condition. Bikes with high-quality components and lightweight frames will generally be worth more. If you have a popular model from a well-known brand, you can expect a higher resale value.

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    How much does a bike cost? How are bikes priced? Why can the prices vary so much? We tell you everything in this comprehensive article!

    How much are classics and unique bikes worth?

    Not all bikes are valued easily, and there are some exceptions to the rule when it comes to classic and other unique bikes. These are often valued very differently from standard bikes. We often get asked, “What is my Raleigh bike worth, and how much is my vintage Indian Princess bike worth?”

    Classics bikes: hard to value

    Classics are very hard to value, and if they are not listed on the buycycle calculator, you might want to check eBay or specialist sites and forums for more clarification. A good example is Raleigh Burners, which cost more to buy now than when they were new. 

    Unique bikes

    How to find out how much my bike is worth when it is unique? You will find a lot of different types of bike on the market. Some are incredibly unique such as handcycles, recumbents, custom cruisers, and even custom made frames. 

    With bikes like these, it’s best to contact experts and forums and ask questions. Many of these bikes tend to hold value much better, and you get a lot more serious buyers, not just people looking for a bargain to resell onward. 

    What should I be selling my bike for?

    Now that you have a rough price for your bike, how much is my bike worth? Well, it’s important to be fair with your price. It’s easy to want to list high and expect a lot of money for it when, in a competitive market, it will just never sell. 

    You also want to avoid giving it away for too cheap. If you do, it will sell within minutes, and if you ever want to buy another, you will be paying a high price. The key is to be fair and firm with your price. 

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    Frequently asked questions

    How much is my Trek bike worth?

    Trek makes many different bikes, and it really depends on the make and model more than anything else. 

    How much is my Schwinn bike worth?

    Some Schwinn bikes are worth a lot of money but others are incredibly budget. It’s good to look at the model and the component level to determine its worth.

    How much is my bike worth, UK?

    Bikes in the UK are generally worth good money. It’s good to use the buycycle calculator to find out what it should be selling for or search eBay to see what others are making.