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    Top 5 best gravel bikes for bikepacking in 2024

    Alice Huot
    Alice Huot
    Apr 30, 2024 11 min
    Top 5 best gravel bikes for bikepacking in 2024

    What is the best gravel bike for bikepacking? That is a tough question indeed. When it comes to selecting the ideal steed for your two-wheeled odyssey, the options are vast and technically any bike with wheels and a sturdy frame can theoretically carry you across continents. We have chosen to provide you with a selection of the best gravel bikes to start bikepacking and quickly enjoy various trails.

    Gravel bike: the best bike for bikepacking?

    Generally speaking you will want to consider things like comfort, weight, tire clearance, mounting options, gear ratios, versatility and reliability. The touring bike is also an interesting option but two particular breeds reign supreme: Gravel bikes and its rugged cousin, the mountain bike.

    While both offer their unique charms and capabilities, we will be focusing here on the gravel bike. A very versatile bike that strikes a harmonious balance between agility, durability, light weight and comfort. Making it the weapon of choice for many bikepacking enthusiasts and those simply looking to test the bike packing waters. Here is our list of the top 5 best gravel bikes for bikepacking.

    The best gravel bikes for bikepacking in 2024

    Best gravel bikes for bikepacking in 2024

    • The best value for money: Triban GRVL 520 - SRAM APEX 1
    • A classic: Grizl CF SL 8 1by
    • A gravel bikepacking dream: Ridley Kanzo Adventure
    • The clever carbon option: Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1
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      The best value for money: Triban GRVL 520 - SRAM APEX 1

      best gravel bike for bikepacking
      The gravel bike Triban GRVL 520 from Decathlon

      First up on our list and the more budget friendly option for those looking to start bikepacking is the Triban Gravel 520 from Decathlon. Note that it also exists a women version of the bike.





      Frame Material


      Fork Material

      Bladed carbon

      Mounting Options

      Rear rack, bottle cages, fenders, fork bags, etc.


      1x11 mechanical SRAM Apex

      Gear Ratio

      40T chainring, 11-42 cassette


      Cable-operated disc brakes with hydraulic TRP HY-Road calipers

      Wheel Size

      650B (47mm tires) / 700C (42mm tires)

      Tire Clearance

      Up to 47mm for 650B, up to 42mm for 700C


      Gravel-specific, relaxed and upright


      Approximately 11kg (size M)

      Additional Features

      Tubeless-ready wheels, Hutchinson tires

      Embark on your bikepacking adventures with the Triban Gravel 520, priced at $1,199. This versatile bike offers exceptional value for money and is equipped with everything you need for unforgettable journeys.

      • Exceptional value: At $1,199, the Triban Gravel 520 provides unbeatable value for money, offering high-quality features and performance without breaking the bank.
      • Versatile mounting options: With numerous mounting points, including those for rear racks, bottle cages, fenders, and fork bags, the Triban Gravel 520 offers unmatched versatility for all your gear-carrying needs.
      • Superior componentry: Equipped with a 1x11 mechanical SRAM Apex groupset and hydraulic TRP HY-Road calipers, the Triban Gravel 520 delivers exceptional performance and reliability, even on challenging terrain.
      • Off-road ready: Tubeless-ready 650B Triban wheels and 47mm Hutchinson tires provide optimal traction and durability, making the Triban Gravel 520 ideal for off-road bikepacking adventures.
      • Comfortable and stable: With its relaxed and upright gravel-specific geometry, the Triban Gravel 520 prioritizes comfort and stability, making it perfect for riders of all skill levels.
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      Fully built, the size M bike weighs approximately 11kg, which is commendable for an aluminum bike in this price range. Overall, it presents a solid option for bikepackers of all levels.

      A classic: Grizl CF SL 8 1by

      Canyon grizl for women
      Canyon Grizl

      Explore the fully carbon Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 1by, priced at $3,099. This versatile gravel bike offers exceptional capabilities for adventurous rides on varied terrain.





      Frame Material



      Approximately 9.5kg (size M)

      Comfort Features

      Carbon split-seat post, Fizik Argo Terra X5 saddle, 45mm wide Schwalbe G-One Bite tires (up to 50mm)

      Mounting Options

      3 bottle cage mounts, fender mounts, fork mounts, top tube mount for easy access storage


      Shimano GRX 820 1x12 with integrated chain stabilizer

      Gear Ratio

      40T chainring, 10-45 cassette


      Full hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors

      Cable Routing

      Under stem and through headtube for cleaner look and easier mounting of handlebar bags

      • Lightweight and versatile: Weighing around 9.5 kilograms in size M, the Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 1by is ideal for steep climbs and rough terrain, providing versatility for bikepacking adventures.
      • Enhanced comfort features: Experience a more comfortable ride with features like the carbon split-seat post, Fizik Argo Terra X5 saddle, and 45mm wide Schwalbe G-One Bite tires. Option to fit up to 50mm tires for added comfort and traction.
      • Ample mounting options: Benefit from three bottle cage mounts, fender mounts, fork mounts, and a top tube mount for convenient storage during long adventures.
      • Reliable Componentry: Equipped with the Shimano GRX 820 1x12 groupset, featuring a 40-tooth chainring and 10-45 cassette, along with full hydraulic brakes for efficient stopping performance.
      • Clean Cable Routing: All cables are routed under the stem and through the headtube, providing a cleaner look and easier mounting of handlebar bags, enhancing the bike's aerodynamics.

      Experience a balanced blend of stability, comfort, and nimbleness with the Canyon Grizl CF SL 8 1by. Packed with features and priced competitively, it is an excellent choice for bikepacking and adventure gravel rides.

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      A gravel bikepacking dream: Ridley Kanzo Adventure

      gravel bike for bikepacking
      The Ridley Kanzo Adventure Rival1

      The Ridley Kanzo Adventure is a versatile gravel bike designed for epic bikepacking adventures. With its array of features and customizable options, it's a standout choice for riders seeking both performance and aesthetics.




      Starts at $3,000 with SRAM Rival 1x11, customizable up to $8,000 with Classified components and custom paint.

      Mounting Options

      20 options: 3 on seat tube, 4 on downtube, 3 on underside, 2 hidden on top tube, plus fender and fork mounts.

      Tire Clearance

      Up to 53mm, for comfortable adventuring on any terrain.

      Internal Dynamo Routing

      Accommodates dynamo hubs with internal cable routing.

      Integrated Cockpit Cables

      Fully integrated for a sleek look and improved aerodynamics.

      Carbon Construction

      Various types and layups for compliance, stiffness, and weight.

      Reach and Stack

      Stable and responsive, with a sporty feel.

      Customizable Options

      Personalize stem length, wheelsets, paint, and groupsets.

      • Versatility and functionality: The Ridley Kanzo Adventure boasts 20 mounting options, allowing for personalized setups with bags, racks, mudguards, and bottles. Its versatile design ensures optimal functionality for any bikepacking excursion.
      • Tire clearance for any terrain: With clearance for up to a 53mm tire, the Kanzo Adventure offers ample space to tackle diverse terrain with confidence. Whether you're traversing gravel paths or rugged trails, this bike provides the stability and traction you need.
      • Built for pure adventure: Featuring internal dynamo routing, the Kanzo Adventure seamlessly accommodates dynamo hubs, allowing for internal cable routing for front and rear lights. Its rugged construction and thoughtful design make it perfect for extreme and long bikepacking journeys.
      • Sleek design and customization options: With fully integrated cockpit cables and customizable build options, including stem length, wheelsets, paint colors, and groupsets, the Kanzo Adventure offers a sleek, personalized aesthetic without compromising on performance.
      • Balanced performance and comfort: The Kanzo Adventure strikes a balance between compliance, stiffness, and weight, delivering a fun and responsive ride experience. Its racy reach and stack dimensions provide stability and comfort while maintaining nimbleness on the trails.

      What we love the most about Ridley is the possibility to configure and build up the bike to suit your needs best. So from stem length, wheelsets, paint colours, groupsets etc you have a variety options. But the pricing even for the most expensive build coming in at around $8,500, with classified components, custom paint job etc. is still reasonable.

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      The carbon option: Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

      Best gravel bike for bikepacking
      The Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1

      Now if you’re looking for a bikepacking bike with a bit more speed without sacrificing comfort and versatility then this might be the one for you. The Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 is made with Giants highest grade carbon fibre providing a very light and stiff frame while still be compliant in all the right areas for comfort.




      $5,500, offering excellent value with high-quality frame, components, and wheelset.

      Frame Material

      Giant's highest-grade carbon fiber for a light, stiff frame with comfort-focused compliance.


      Weighs 8.3 kilograms (size M), exceptionally light for a gravel bike, considering features and price.

      Adjustable Wheelbase

      Flip Chip in the rear dropout adjusts wheelbase length for customized tire clearance (45mm agility, up to 53mm stability on rough terrain).

      Enhanced Comfort

      Longer-than-average top tube and steeper headtube for sportier, responsive feel. Lowered bottom bracket ensures planted, stable ride. D-Fuse Contact SLR Handlebar and Seatpost offer significant compliance and flex, absorbing shocks and vibrations without compromising stiffness.


      Wireless 2x12 SRAM Rival eTap groupset paired with 160mm hydraulic disc brakes for versatile gearing.


      Giant's lightweight, hookless, tubeless CXR 1 Carbon Disc wheels and 40mm cadex ar tires for a high-quality, fast-rolling setup.


      Multiple mounting options for racks, fenders, top tube bags, fork bags, etc., ensuring easy gear transportation.

      • Lightweight and versatile: Crafted from Giant's highest-grade carbon fiber, this bike offers a light and stiff frame that maintains comfort in all the right areas. Weighing in at just 8.3 kilograms (size M), it's exceptionally light for a gravel bike, especially considering its price.
      • Adjustable wheelbase: A standout feature is the Flip Chip in the rear dropout, allowing you to customize your wheelbase length and tire clearance for your riding style. Choose between agility with a 45mm tire clearance or stability on rough terrain with up to 53mm clearance.
      • Enhanced comfort: Enjoy a sportier and more responsive feel with the longer-than-average top tube and steeper headtube. The lowered bottom bracket ensures a planted and stable ride. Additionally, the D-Fuse Contact SLR Handlebar and Seatpost provide significant compliance and flex, absorbing shocks and vibrations on rough terrain without sacrificing stiffness.
      • Premium components: Equipped with a wireless 2x12 SRAM Rival eTap groupset and 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, this bike offers a wide range of gears for tackling various terrains and climbs. Paired with lightweight, hookless, tubeless CXR 1 Carbon Disc wheels and 40mm cadex ar tires, it provides a high-quality, faster-rolling setup.
      • Mounting options: carry all your gear with ease, thanks to the multitude of mounts for racks, fenders, top tube bags, fork bags, and more.

      Coming in at 8.3 kilos in size M, which is very light for a gravel bike. All this will set you back $5,500. Which considering the high quality frame, components and wheelset is fantastic value for money.

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      Last but not least: Cannondale Topstone Carbon

      best gravel bike for bikepacking
      Cannodale Topstone Carbon

      Last on our list we have the Cannondale Topstone Carbon. Another versatile gravel bike that can take on single trail, rough gravel, tarmac and long bikepacking adventures.




      Topstone Carbon 3: €3,499, with 45mm WTB Riddler tires and Shimano 12-speed GRX 600/820 groupset. No smart sense.


      Handles trails, gravel, tarmac, and long adventures.


      Short wheelbase for agility, Out-Front geometry for stability.

      Mounting Points

      Ample for fenders, bags, and bottles.

      Tire Clearance

      Up to 45mm in 700c, adaptable to terrain.

      Smart-Sense Comp.

      Compatible with integrated light and radar system.

      King-Pin Suspension

      Rear suspension offers 30mm of travel for comfort.

      • Enhanced agility: The wheelbase and chainstays are shorter, providing a nimble feel.
      • Confident handling: Steering remains stable with long fork offset and slack headtube angle.
      • Bikepacking ready: Plenty of mounting points for fenders, bags, and bottles.
      • Tire clearance: accommodates up to 45mm tires in 700c for varied terrain.
      • Smart-sense compatibility: Integrated light and radar system support.
      • King-Pin suspension: significant flex from carbon frame offers 30mm of travel around the saddle area and 10mm at the rear axle.
      • Model highlight: the Topstone Carbon 3, priced at €3,499, features 45mm WTB Riddler TCS Light tires and Shimano 12-speed GRX 600/820 mixed groupset.

      And you, which one is your best gravel bike for bikepacking in 2024?

      And there you have itβ€” our top 5 gravel bikes for bikepacking adventures. Remember that you can find all of these bike pre-owned on buycycle.com for an even better deal and that you do not need to get the exact model we recommend. You can also have a look at our selection of best gravel bikes for beginners.

      There are a variety of options available for each range that have the same core features and will be a perfect companion on your next adventure.

      best gravel bike for bikepacking
      Regardless of the bike, the most important thing in the end is to hit the roads.