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    Ship your bike

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 2 min
    Ship your bike

    How do you ship your bike the right way? Find all tips & tricks for shipping your bike here. Whether road, gravel, mountain or e-bike.

    1. How do I ship my bike correctly?
      1. bike packing
      2. determine collection date
      3. have bike picked up by our logistics partner

    How do I ship my bike correctly?

    Congratulations! You have successfully sold your old bike on buycycle sell your old bike! Whether road, gravel or mountain bike. With us you don't have to worry about anything, we save you the search for the right box, packing material, carrier etc.! The general shipping guide can be found in this blogpost, but even if you need to send your bike by mail for other reasons, we have prepared more information for you in the appendix. How to pack your race or gravel bike with our specially designed buycycle carton, you will learn in this this separate packing guide.

    1. Bike packing.

    Off to the box: Once your bike is sold, all you have to worry about is packing it safely. At buycycle, we'll send you all the materials you need, and we've provided you with a guide for it. This way your bike will be safe and protected on its way to its new home!

    2. Determine collection date.

    To you or... to you? At buycycle the buyer decides whether they want to pick up the bike themselves or have it delivered by mail. If shipping is desired, we will arrange a pickup by our partner shipping company. They will then collect the packed bike from you in the three-hour time window you have chosen - you don't even have to print a shipping bill.

    So whether the carrier we organize or the new owner:in of your bike ring your doorbell - all you have to do is open the door!

    3. Have bike picked up by our logistics partner.

    Once the buyer has decided on a delivery, we use the carrier we trust. This guarantees reliable collections, short delivery times, safe transport and real-time tracking. However, if something should go wrong during shipping, buycycle will take care of all your troubleshooting.

    You still have questions about the bike shipping? Then take a look at the detailed information in the appendix or feel free to contact our buycycle team. We wish you good luck with your bike purchase and as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!