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    Cube Cross Race VS Cube Nuroad

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 4 min
    Cube Cross Race VS Cube Nuroad

    Cube bike Review

    A new post, a new bike review! This time we compare two of the most popular Cube bikes on the market, the Cube Cross Race C62 and the Cube Nuroad C62 a cyclocross and a Gravel. Which is the better bike for you and fits you better, we present you below:

    1. Geometry.

    The Cube Cross Race has a longer reach and a shorter stack than the Nuroad. This basically means that you will sit a bit more stretched out and in a more aerodynamic position on the Cross Race. On the Nuroad, however, you'll sit more upright, which provides more comfort on longer rides and more stability when riding off-road or on technical trails. The shorter wheelbase and chainstays of the Cross Race also result in a more nimble, aggressive, and faster feel. On the other hand, the longer chainstays and wheelbase of the Nuroad provide more stability, but feel slower in corners. The geometry of the Cross Race will thus resemble that of a pure road bike while the Nuroad resembles an enduro.

    2. Mounting options.

    In terms of mounting options, the two bikes differ the most. On the Cross Race , you only have two bottle cages attached, while on the Nuroad you have mounts on the seat tube, down tube, fork and seat stays. This makes the bike more versatile, both in terms of packing options, as well as for use as a winter bike with mudguard, stand and rack compatibility.

    3. Wheels and tires.

    As for tire clearance, all Cube Cross Race C62 bikes are equipped with 33 mm wide Schwalbe X-One Allround tires. 33 mm is the maximum tire clearance on the Cross Race. This makes sense, since you can't go wider than 33 mm in cyclocross racing. Nevertheless, these tires offer a good mix of grip and low rolling resistance and also keep up in light gravel and mud. The Nuroad, on the other hand, comes with either 40mm wide Schwalbe G-One Allround or 45mm wide WTB Riddler tires, depending on the version. The maximum tire clearance is 45 mm and 40 mm when mudguards are used. This provides more comfort and grip on rough roads, but unfortunately at the expense of speed.

    4. Price and components.

    Price, components and materials used go hand in hand, so we won't go into too much detail here. In terms of price, the Cross Race C62 starts at 2599 euros and goes up to 3199 euros. The Nuroad, on the other hand, starts at 2199 Euros and goes up to 3699 Euros. That doesn't say much, as each model is equipped with different components from Shimano, Sram, Newman, Easton and Cube is equipped. However, if we compare the Cross Race Sl and the Nuropad Sl, which costs 400 euros more than the Cross Race, we get a better feel for the respective price-performance ratios. Both bikes come with a carbon handlebar, a Newman Evolution wheelset, a Newman Advance carbon seatpost and a Nuance saddle, and both are made entirely from Cube's C62 carbon material. So everything is more or less the same here.

    However, if we turn to the groupset, the Nuroad comes with the 1x12 SRAM Rival eTap GX Eagle AXS group, a wireless group in other words. The Cross Race, on the other hand, comes with the Shimano Grx 800 1x11 groupset, Shimano's top-of-the-line Gravel group, combined with an Easton carbon crank and bottom bracket. Both are great groupsets and while the Crossrace group is lighter, easier to maintain and you don't have to rely on batteries, the Nuroad wireless group offers more precise shifting and requires less maintenance in the long run.

    Interestingly, if you really want an electronic groupset, you can get hold of the Cross Race Slx for the price of the Nuroad SL, i.e. 3199 euros! The Cross Race Slx is equipped with the latest Shimano 105 2x12 Di2 Group, has cable routing under the stem for a very clean look, and the fork is made from Cube's high-quality and even lighter c68x carbon material. It's a pretty attractive proposition when you compare the two bikes in the same price range. Price-wise, the Cross Race gets the gold medal in this race.

    5. Weight.

    The weight of the two bikes also varies with their price. Here, too, the Cross Race is ahead, because the Cross Race C62 SL always weighs about 400 grams less than the Nuroad Sl and is also 400 euros cheaper. The Cross Race C62 SLX, which costs the same as the Nuroad Sl, is even lighter. However, it must be taken into account that the Nuroad is a Gravel and weighs more alone because of the wider tires - for a Gravel it is still quite a lightweight.

    So which bike is right for you? If you want a bike that is similar to a speed-oriented road bike but still has tire clearance and wheelbase for muddy situations and light gravel, the Cross Race is the winner of hearts. If you're using it bikepacking with it, it's possible, but it won't be particularly comfortable. If you want to spend more time on rough gravel and technical trails than on asphalt, then the Nuroad is clearly recommended. It's the more versatile bike, a faithful companion for daily commuting in the city for bikepacking and even for fast asphalt rides.

    The Cross Raceis lighter, more speed-oriented, more agile. The Nuroad is more versatile and comfortable.

    So much for this Cube comparison! If you still have questions, please contact our buycycle team and if you want to buy your new Cube right now, you can find it on our website. Until then: Happy browsing, happy cycling!