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    The Gravel Bike Test

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 4 min
    The Gravel Bike Test

    Which Gravel bike suits me?

    Gravel Bikes: They are considered the perfect combination between dynamic road bikes and robust mountain bikes and are no longer to be excluded from the bike world for two years. In this blog post we take a closer look at the trendbike and present some models!

    1. All-rounder and all-roader.

    It is sporty but comfortable, agile but stable, light and off-road capable at the same time, masters asphalt, gravel and forest paths. It can be ridden at speeds similar to those of a road bike even though the two types differ considerably in terms of construction.

    2. Components and special features.

    Gravel bike-tires are wider and allow a better grip even on wet and uneven terrain due to their coarser tread. In such conditions, the handlebars and braking system of a Gravel also comes in handy: The outward angled lower handlebar absorbs shocks the wide handlebar gives you more control over your bike. In addition, some grip rubbers are provided with a special anti-slip surface for better grip.
    The now common disc brakes are particularly reliable in changing weather conditions and are also an important safety factor in wet conditions. With regard to gear groups, you can find both single and dual drive.While the first is easier to use, the latter grants you more leeway especially for long distances and greater differences in altitude.

    Compared to the road bike, the frame geometry of the Gravel bike is designed more for comfort, with the longer wheelbase helping you to run more smoothly. This makes them ideal for long tours and bikepacking. Most models have special mounting options for bike bags and extra bottle cages.

    3. Gravel speed dating: we present the test winners.

    BMC URS: This bike has a suspended head tube and rear and a stiff frame. It weighs about 9.5 kg and is ideal for hill climbs and trail descents thanks to MTB-inspired frame geometry. It is ready for bikepacking and by the existing tire clearance can be retrofitted tires with up to 45 mm width.

    Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5: The Topstone is designed for brisk riding at a weight of 9.5kg. The carbon frame provides a good combination of stiffness and compliance, which together with the so-called KingPin suspension of the rear up to 30mm suspension travel allows. It is bikepacking-ready, fender compatible and convinces with a clean look.

    Canyon Grizl: The carbon seat post that runs through the entire Grizl-Family, absorbs vibrations and dampens shocks. The frame geometry is designed for a more upright riding position, making it ideal for comfortable riding. Depending on the model, the weight varies between nine and ten kilograms. Those who want to master more demanding trails or cover further distances will find the perfect bikepacking- and touring companion.

    Cervélo Áspero: With a weight of about 8.5 kg, this Areo-Gravel is a real lightweight and a real racer that convinces on gravel as well as on easy terrain. A special feature is the so-called Trail Mixer, which allows the adjustment of the track in two positions. The Áspero is suitable for bikepacking, only trail descents can be mastered less well due to the very sporty frame geometry.

    Cube Nuroad: The frame geometry of this gravel and trail hero favors a more upright, comfortable riding position. Long chainstays and wheelbase feel a bit sluggish in corners, but favor the stability of the bike. In addition, the Nuroad with possible tire width up to 45 mm offers a large tire freedom. The total weight is 10 kg and this model is also bikepacking capable.

    Giant Revolt: Despite a rather upright seating position, the Revolt models are agile and smooth-running, convincing on straight stretches and also on downhill rides. Especially the standard version stands for a good price-performance ratio. This model ranges around the 10.4 kg, the Advanced variants with carbon frame are lighter, but also more expensive. Wider tires can be retrofitted if necessary.

    Rose Backroad: This bikepacking-ready Gravel Bikemit carbon fork offers above-average flexibility with tire clearance for up to 50mm width. Depending on the material (only the "AL" models are equipped with aluminum instead of carbon frame), the total weight varies around the 9kg. The Rose Backroad performs on asphalt as on dirt roads and shines with excellent price-performance ratio.

    5. Is a Gravel bike worth it for you?

    A Gravel bike guarantees riding comfort and is still sporty and fast. The special features in the design increase the ride comfort and allow you a wide range of use. For any surface and any weather you should be prepared. So if you are looking for a faithful companion for bikepacking, competitions, trips or just the way to work, a Gravel bike could be the right choice for you.

    If the Gravel-bike is now your new dream bike, you may find today on our website one for you. You can find more info on our YouTube Channel and our experienced buycycle team is always ready to help you with words and deeds. Happy browsing, happy cycling!