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    Rose Backroad FF review: what is behind the new Backroad?

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Apr 11, 2024 9 min
    Rose Backroad FF review: what is behind the new Backroad?

    The cycling season is kicking off at full speed and bike manufacturers are bringing their models up to match that, equipping them with the latest tech and the nicest features. Among those playing the innovation field? Rose. They have finally released a new version of their already great gravel bike, the Backroad FF. According to Rose, FF stands for „fast forward“, so we took a closer look at why Rose is claiming that and what makes this bike different from the older Backroad model and we'll do it here too. Let’s get into it – what's new with the Rose Backroad FF?

    New Rose Backroad FF review

    Overview of the Rose Backroad FF

    The Rose Backroad FF offers a blend of aerodynamics, performance, and agility tailored for serious gravel racing enthusiasts. Below is a detailed breakdown of its specifications and features:






    Backroad FF

    Launched in



    Gravel Racing


    SRAM Rival: 3.499€, SRAM Force: 4.999€


    SRAM Rival: 8.5 kg, SRAM Force: 8 kg

    Groupset Options

    SRAM Force AXS or RIVAL AXS wireless electronic groupsets


    One-piece aero design for aerodynamics and comfort, 15° flare for control on technical terrain

    Mounting Options

    Limited to top tube and down tube mounts

    Wheel Options

    Rose GC50 wheels for aerodynamic performance

    Chain Guide

    Wolftooth chainguide preinstalled to prevent chain drops

    Gear Ratio

    1x12 setup with 44T chainring in the front and 10-44 cassette in the rear

    Power Meter

    Integrated power meter for performance tracking

    Frame Material

    High modulus frame for stiffness and aerodynamics

    Tire Clearance

    Optimized for 40 mm wide tires, with capacity for up to 45 mm wide tires


    Aggressive positioning for racing, with longer reach and shorter stack

    Ideal Use

    Designed for serious gravel racing, not ideal for bikepacking

    Colors Available

    "Pistachio", "Supersonic Grey", "Rotten Candy"


    Models and prices available

    SRAM Rival or SRAM Force?

    There are currently only two models available. The SRAM Rival version comes in at 3.499€ and the SRAM Force model at 4.999€. They differ mainly in terms of groupsets (obviously), but the wheel sets and therefore the weight are different too, which we will look at later on too.

    available models of the Backroad FF

    Three colors for the backroad FF

    Lookwise, the Rose logo is no lounger found on the downtime and the colorways are pretty interesting: You can get a "pistachio", a "supersonic grey" or a "rotten candy" for the force model. But enough with the superficial perspective on those genius bikes, let's find out what this bike is really about.

    pistachio, supersonic grey and rotten candy colorway of the Backroad FF
    pistachio, supersonic grey and rotten candy colorway of the Backroad FF

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    Components and features of the Backroad FF

    The Rose Backroad FF brings with it a new gravel category for the manufacturer, called „Race“. And almost everything about this bike is serious business.

    gravel biker going down a hill

    An aero handlebar

    It comes equipped with a brand new one-piece aero handlebar and stem which combines aerodynamics with comfort for longer, bumpier gravel rides (bonus? it looks stunning too). It has great egonomics putting the rider in a more aero position without sacrificing comfort and also has a 15° flare providing more control on technical terrain and more space for handlebar bags. You should still have in mind though that the Backroad FF isn’t really made for bikepacking or bike touring.

    handlebar of the Backroad FF
    handlebar of the Backroad FF

    Mounting options

    Speaking of which, the FF version comes with significantly less mounting options, only offering top tube and down tube mounts. So: no fork and fender mounts, however you can now buy a top tube bag and a frame bag specifically made for the Backroad FF, which, according to Rose actually improves aerodynamics. There is only enough storage space for the bare necessities you take with you in a gravel race, but hey, better than nothing.

    mounting options on the Backroad FF
    mounting options on the Backroad FF

    Upgrade on the wheels?

    One of the more interesting upgrades are the wheels. The more expensive version features the new wind tunnel tested aerodynamically optimised Rose GC50 wheels which were specially developed for the FF. The front wheel has been optimised for aerodynamics while the rear wheel now has a narrower rim profile to focus more on weight savings. In total, the GC50 wheels come in at 1.550 g, which is super light for a gravel wheel set. They are also optimised for 40 mm wide tires, however you do have the possibility to go up to a 45 mm wide tire on both models for more comfort and traction. The Rose G30 Light wheels on the SRAM Rival version weigh slightly more, coming in at 1.640 g.

    Rose GC50 wheels on the Backroad FF
    Rose GC50 wheels on the Backroad FF

    Which groupsets for the Backroad FF?

    In terms of groupsets, as mentioned before, your only options currently are the SRAM Force AXS or RIVAL AXS, which are both wireless electronic groupsets. It is a bit strange that not a single Shimano option is in there, we must say.

    In order to prevent chain drops in fast gravel races, costing the rider important time, the Backroad FF has a Wolftooth chainguide already preinstalled which is a great touch. Both the Force and Rival groupset are 1x12 and have a 44 tooth chainring in the front and a 10-44 cassette in the rear. Again, not a great thing that we are not getting many options here, on the plus side however, many prefer 1x systems for gravel racing anyways.

    SRAM force on the Backroad FF
    SRAM force on the Backroad FF
    Confused what 1x and 2x setups of for gravelling? No worries, we've got it all explained in our article about circuit for gravel bikes.

    The powermeter remains

    The Backroad FF also features a power meter on both models, which are almost a necessity for serious riders, especially in races and during training. The high modulus frame itself has also been aerodynamically optimised and actually takes some inspo from the their road bike, the XLITE. Clearly noticeable are the significantly dropped seat stays and the smooth transition between the fork and downtube. The dropped seat stays will provide some comfort due to flex and the D-shaped seatpost is pretty aerodynamic itself, but also only has an 8 mm offset. This results in it being less comfortable, but you do have that wide tire clearance to make up for it.

    powermeter on the Backroad FF
    powermeter on the Backroad FF

    It just comes to show that the focus on this bike is more on performance than comfort. Looking at weight, with the wheels, components and high modules frames the cheaper version weighs in at 8.5 kg and the more expensive version is exactly 8 kg, making them both super light bikes.

    Geometry of the Backroad FF

    What makes the backroad FF special?

    The Backroad FF closely resembles the Rose XLITE, making it much more aggressive than the Adventure Backroad models. The reach is significantly longer and the stack significantly shorter, putting you in a more compact, stretched out and aero position. While this can be taxing on the back for some people, it works well if you want to ride fast. The wheelbase and chainstays have also been shortened providing you with less stability but a more nimble feel.

    geometry comparison between Rose XLITE and Rose Backroad FF
    geometry comparison between Rose XLITE and Rose Backroad FF

    So, Backroad or Backroad FF?

    The question is, what cyclist are you?

    In short: It is a gravel bike made purely for racing. It is stiff for great power transfer, light and aerodynamic and has a more nimble, faster feeling.

    If you’re a beginner or someone that just wants to do some chill gravel riding, it probably isn’t the best option for you and you should rather look at the Rose Backroad Adventure series. Those also provide more options in terms of material, price, components and so on. If you already have a Backroad or a Canyon Grizl, we personally would not upgrade to the FF model. The Adventure version is a great d0-it-all bike and is already very performance oriented.


    An upgrade for performance

    But, if you’re already an experienced cyclist and want the quickest gravel bike you can find, the Backroad FF is one of the best options out there. So, maybe it is time to sell your bike on buycycle to upgrade to the FF! -

    The Backroad FF is a great deal for its price and will definitely feel faster compared to regular gravel bikes. And the best part? You might just find some of those Rose models on buycycle!

    In top condition, for a better price and only on your favorite bike marketplace out there. So go ahead and check out buycycle.com for your next dream gravel bike and stay on the blog a little longer if you're curious about all things bikes. Our team is always here for you if need help or have questions (about the Backroad FF or any other topic!) but until then, we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!