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    Canyon Endurace, Ultimate & Aeroad comparison

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 7 min
    Canyon Endurace, Ultimate & Aeroad comparison

    Which Canyon road bike should I buy?

    This is one of the questions we are asked most often. We could answer it now with the favorite Canyon bike of our co-founders (tip if you want to apply and make a good impression straight away: it's the Ultimate CF), but it's not that simple. That's why Nic has prepared a YouTube video with all the information you need to decide on a Canyon road bike and in this blog article we also compare the Aeroad, Ultimate and Endurace bike to help you find your dream bike. You can find Nic's YouTube video directly below this paragraph and if you haven't already, don't forget to give him a follow. As for the blog post - here we go: Which Canyon road bike suits you best?

    buycycle Vocabulary box: Throughout this article, you will repeatedly read abbreviations such as CF, SLX and CFR. These stand for the different material variants and carbon fibers that Canyon offers. They differ in terms of their construction, their modules and their weight... there's a whole science behind it, which is helpful for you to know: The models have different lightness, stiffness and quality and also cost more or less accordingly. The Ultimate and the Aeroad are available in CF SL, SLX and CFR, while the Endurace is only available in the basic versions made of regular carbon (CF SL and CF SLX) and aluminum (AL).

    1. Geometry.

    The Endurace has the most relaxed geometry with the longest stack and the shortest reach. It offers an upright seating position for more comfort on long distances and thus protects your lower back. Yet it doesn't lack speed, as it's still sportier than a typical Endurance bike. The wheelbase and chainstays are also significantly longer, making it more stable at high speeds and off-road, but making the handling less responsive and thus slowing it down in corners.

    The Ultimate and the Aeroad are very similar in terms of their frame geometry. The stack and reach are identical and both offer a sportier and more aerodynamic riding position than the Endurace. Both are also more agile and precise in handling, the Aeroad even more so than the Ultimate, as it has slightly shorter chainstays and a shorter wheelbase. However, this also makes the Aeroad less stable than the Ultimate.


    2. Tire clearance.

    The latest Endurace AL and CF version have a tire clearance of up to 35 mm and have mounts for bags on the top tube, which further increases comfort and versatility. The latest Ultimate is in no way inferior in terms of comfort, however, after all, the mounting of up to 32 mm wide tire possible.

    Both wheels are thus true heroes even on light gravel, whereby the Endurace master better the Edge.

    The Aeroad allows a tire width of 30 mm, which is still quite versatile for a pure aerobike .

    Speaking of aero, all the bikes are aerodynamically optimized in their own way, with all cable routing at least partially integrated (on the Ultimate and Aeroad they're fully integrated). In terms of pure geometry, the Ultimate offers top tier aerodynamics, but as you can see from the thicker tubes and the curved seat tube that protects the rear wheel, the Aeroad offers absolutely minimal attack surface to drag and performs best among the three in this regard.

    3. Groupsets and components.

    Regarding the groupsets there's not much to discuss, as all three bikes in the same price range are similarly equipped in each case. It is worth noting, however, that the Endurace is the only model that is still offered in a version with rim brakes.

    As for the other components, there are variations depending on the model, designed to support the main purpose of each bike. The Endurace has fairly standard road bike wheels, round handlebars and a carbon seatpost. On the CF SL and SLX versions, it's even the shock-absorbing VCLS seatpost that's fitted, as well as a carbon Ergo cockpit and aero wheels with a maximum rim depth of 45 mm for even more comfort and speed.

    The Ultimate comes with the new D-shaped seat post for improved aerodynamics, the wheels are even more aerodynamic with a maximum rim depth of 50 mm and it has the same aero handlebars as the Aeroad. The fully integrated aero cockpit is foldable and adjustable in width and height, allowing you to adjust the handlebars for certain races and to make the bike even easier to transport. To improve aerodynamics even further, all Aeroad bikes are equipped with 62 mm deep wheels and the lightweight seat post with a deep profile cuts through the air as if it were butter.

    4. Weight.

    How much each of the three models weighs depends heavily on the respective version and the components installed. All in all, the Ultimate is ahead in this category, as the lightest version (Ultimate CFR Di2- 10,499 €) weighs 6.32 kg in size M and is therefore ideal for climbing. Not far behind is the Endurace, whose most expensive version weighs 6.88 kg (Endurace CF SLX 9 Di2 - 7.799 €). The heaviest model is the Aeroad, which weighs 7.20 kg (Aeroad CFR Disc Di2 9,199 €), but this is to be expected as aero bikes generally use more material for increased aerodynamics. For an aero bike, however, the Canyon Aeroad is still very light...

    5. Price.

    The last and most crucial point is the price tag of the bikes. Here we can talk about the different price ranges and tell you that the Endurace starts at €999 and is therefore the cheapest, but that doesn't really help us: it makes the most sense if we compare three bikes in the same price range. That way, you'll get a good idea of what you're getting for your money. So let's compare the Ultimate CF SL 7 Di2, the Endurace CF SL 8 Di2, and the Aeroad CF SL 8 Disc. All three cost €3,999.

    In the category of the switch groups the Endurace in our opinion the best, after all, the ingenious Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-speed shifting is installed. But the Endurace has only an aluminum wheelset and also weighs the most.

    The Aeroad offers "only" the mechanical Ultegra group, but also a high-quality, lightweight aero carbon wheelset and weighs the least.

    The Ultimate on the other hand offers the 105 Di2 12-speed groupset, also has an aluminum wheelset, but has the new, fully integrated, adjustable aero handlebar.

    So, as is all too often the case, it comes down to what you really want from your bike: If an electronic groupset is a must, then the Endurace is the best option for you. If you're looking for aerodynamics, the Aeroad is your bike and if you want the best of both worlds, the Ultimate is perfect. But more on that now, because after this Canyon road bike fact marathon, the question remains:

    6. Which is the best for you?

    If you are new to cycling or just looking for a very versatile bike that offers great comfort for long distances and can also handle light gravel, then you should go to the Endurace bike.

    Are you rather looking for a pure road bike that is optimized for flat terrain and wins the gold medal among the three in terms of aerodynamic efficiency, then the Aeroad to you.

    And if you crave a well-balanced bike that rides very fast, climbs easily and offers solid comfort, the Ultimate is exactly what you need!

    From left to right: Endurace, Ultimate, Aeroad

    The best? The three Canyon road bike models are so popular that it won't be hard for you to find one used and save some serious money. Even easier is your Endurace, Ultimate and Aeroad. But of course search on buycycle.com - nowhere else can you find your new used dream bike so fast, safe and uncomplicated! For questions about Canyon road bikes or bikes in general is our team is always there for you, but until then we wish you: Happy browsing, happy cycling!