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    Best road bike brands 2024: the most loved road bikes in the US

    Robert Ferri
    Robert Ferri
    Jun 4, 2024 10 min
    Best road bike brands 2024: the most loved road bikes in the US

    When it comes to road cycling, there are many different bike brands you can choose from. Some brands have a huge history and have been used in races such as the Tour de France, while others are fairly new but can compete with incredible technology.

    This article will tell you about some of the best road bike brands in 2024. We are going to tell you all about them, some of the best road bikes they offer, and why you should consider one of theirs. 

    What are the best road bike brands?

    Cycling is rapidly changing, and brands must do a lot to keep up with the road racing scene. Not only do they need original designs, but the technology has to be up to date, and it’s good to see professionals riding them too. Here are some of the best brands for road bikes in 2024! Let’s get straight into it!

    Top 10 best road bike brands in the US:

    1. Canyon
    2. Bianchi
    3. Trek
    4. Specialized
    5. Giant
    6. Pinarello
    7. Cervelo
    8. Colnago
    9. Felt
    10. Canonndale

    Most loved road bike brand: Canyon

    Best road bike brands 2024
    Most loved road bike brand in the US: Canyon

    Canyon was founded in 1985 by Roman Arnold and was originally a bike parts supplier. In the mid-1990s, it started making its own bikes. Canyon is known not just for great bikes but also for being one of the very few direct-to-consumer brands. 

    Canyon has been at the forefront of technology in road cycling, mountain biking, and even cyclocross. Some amazing riders, such as Mathieu van der Poel, have ridden many Canyons to the top of the podium.

    A few of Canyon's top road bikes are the Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, a lightweight race bike that combines speed and comfort, the Aeroad for maximum aerodynamics and flat rolling terrains, and finally, the Canyon Endurance for long-distance riding.



    Canyon sells directly to consumers. This means there is no mark up from shops or retailers.

    They have to be assembled by yourself or you can pay a local shop to do it.

    They generally use high end components compared to some other brands that go budget.

    No local branches if you have problems or require spares. Not able to test ride.

    They have excellent designs and some of the paint jobs are just incredible.

    Availability can be challenging as they are the only place which sells the bikes.

    Canyon has an incredible way of bringing new technology to the market and setting new trends.

    Not the cheapest, but often use high end components instead of mid range or budget. 

    Best road bike brands 2024
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    The second best road bike brand: Bianchi

    Best road bike brands 2024
    The second best road bike brand: Bianchi

    Bianchi is a brand rich with cycling history. It dates back to 1885 when Edoardo Bianchi started it in Milan, Italy. They are known for the excellent quality of their road bikes and have been innovative for the industry and cycling in general. You might know them for the Celeste green color they use on many of their bikes.

    When it comes to Bianchi bikes, they are often seen on the podiums and, over many years, have created some incredible road bikes. Some of their modern bikes are the Bianchi Oltre XR4 aero bike, the Bianchi Specialissima ultralight climbing bike, and the Infinito CV for long-distance riding.

    Not only are Bianchi’s appealing because of their high quality and fantastic designs, but many cyclists like them because of the brand's rich history. You are not just buying a bike. You are buying into over 135 years of cycling history.



    Bianchi is known for its incredible quality and when you have a Bianchi, you know it’s built to last.

    Bianchi bikes are not budget. They work from mid to high range and you are paying a premium for a Bianchi bike.

    The history of the brand is just so iconic. When people see a Bianchi it’s like they know that you are serious about the kit you are using.

    Availability is often a challenge across Europe. They are a very popular brand of bike and it can take time to get the right bike in your size.

    The color is absolutely incredible and very few brands make anything close because Bianchi are so well known for it.

    Limited dealers. You will not find Bianchi in every  bike shop. They are fairly limited when it comes to distribution.

    A wide range of bikes for all your road riding needs.

    If you are going to own a Bianchi a lot of road cyclists believe it should be in the Bianchi color even though they offer others. 

    Best road bike brands 2024
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    Third most searched road bike brand in the US: Trek

    Best road bike brands 2024
    Third most searched road bike brand in the US: Trek

    Trek, also known as the Trek Bicycle Corporation, was started in 1976 by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke. It was based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and was originally known for manufacturing steel touring frames—hence the name Trek. It didn’t take long for Trek to become a major brand that made all types of bikes.

    As far as road bikes go, they make and have made many models for many occasions on the roads. The Domane is for endurance road riding, the Émonda is for steep courses where you need the best climbing ability, and the Madone is for aerodynamics and speed for racers. These bikes are at the forefront of technology and are used by professionals day in and day out. 

    Cyclists like Trak because they are excellent all-around bikes. They are durable, look good, and reliable, and it’s a well-known brand where you know exactly what you are getting. With the wide range of prices there’s a bike for most available.



    A wide range of different models for lots of road riding. Always improving and bringing them to the forefront of technology. 

    Trek bikes at the budget and mid range are very good value for money. The high end options are very expensive.

    They work with budget, mid range, and high end components making it affordable for lots of different users. 

    A lot of cyclists think that Trek can be a little conservative compared to the other brands. The bikes are not as bold as others. 

    Trek bikes are high quality, they are durable, and you will see many very old models still on the road today after years and years of riding.

    For the best prices, they are stocked in many places so you have to do your research for the best option.

    It’s a very well known brand which goes a long way when it comes to resale.

    Best road bike brands 2024
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    Best road bike brands 2024
    4th most searched road bike brand: Specialized

    Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. It started by importing Italian bikes but grew to manufacture its own mountain bike in 1981. After that, it hit the road bike scene and has been one of the best since. 

    They have a wide range of bikes, from budget solutions to high-end race-winning bikes. Some of the best road bikes they have are the Specialized S-Work Tarmac SL7, a racing legend. The Roubaix is designed for comfort and to take the edge off rough rides. Finally, the Allez is an entry-level road bike made at a cheap cost to bring people into the sport. 


    Best road bike brands 2024
    5th most searched road bike brand: Giant

    Giant was founded in 1972 in Taiwan. It is one of the biggest bike manufacturers and even uses its factories to make bikes for other brands. Giant was the first to mass-produce carbon fiber bicycles and is known for its excellent aluminum frames. 

    Two of Giant's most popular bikes are the TCR Advanced SL, which is known for its all-around racing ability, and the Defy Advanced Pro, which helps cyclists comfortably complete long-distance miles. Another part of the Giant brand is Liv, which makes bikes predominantly for women. They are one of the best road bike brands just for women.


    Best road bike brands 2024
    6th most searched road bike brand: Pinarello

    Pinarello has been used for professional racing for many years, and some of the most iconic riders, such as Chris Froome, have used them. Established in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello in Italy, it is known as one of the best-performing bike brands, having taken multiple Tour de France victories.

    The Pinarello Dogma F is the main performance road bike. It boasts incredible performance and advanced aerodynamics. The Paris is a bike designed for both racing and recreational riding and is also very popular as a comfortable choice for riding long distances. 


    Best road bike brands 2024
    7th most searched road bike brand: Cervélo

    Cervélo Cycles was started in 1995 by Gerard Vroomen and Phil White in Canada. They make excellent bikes, which are often used in road racing and triathlons. In recent years, they have branched out into off-road bikes, such as gravel bikes. 

    Two of the best road bikes Cervélo offers are the S5, an aero road bike, and the R5, a lightweight climbing bike. You will often see them used in professional racing, and their designs are incredible.


    Best road bike brands 2024
    8th most searched road bike brand: Colnago

    Ernest Colnago founded Colnago in 1952 in Cambiago, Italy. The finest Italian cycling craftsmanship made the brand, and it continues to impress people to this day. Eddy Merckx used Colnago bikes in times when he won the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.

    In recent times, Colnago has made some amazing road bikes. The C68, for example, blends traditional design with modern technology. Then you have the V4Rs, made for pure performance and competitive racing. 


    Best road bike brands 2024
    9th most searched road bike brand: Felt

    Felt was founded in 1991 by Jim Felt in California. They focus on racing bikes for road and triathlon and are even a big name in the track scene. They have always been known for their excellent quality and durability.

    The latest road bikes from Felt we have are the FR Advanced, which is a lightweight road racing machine for all-around performance, and the AR Advanced, which is an aero bike. Felt was very early and one of the very few companies years ago to work heavily on aerodynamics. 


    Best road bike brands 2024
    10th most searched road bike brand: Cannondale

    Cannondale was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery and Murdock Macgregor out of Connecticut. Surprisingly before bikes, they made the “Bugger,” a small trailer for bikes, then after, went to bikes. They deal with entry-level bikes all the way to the high-end race machines.

    They became popular when they started using aluminum in the 1980s, which was a little different from the typical steel. They have always been good at driving technology forward and making innovative designs for road racing bikes. Cannondale are one of the best road bike brands which offer a very wide range of choice of all types of bikes.

    Which is the best road bike brand?

    The brands above offer road bikes, but they all come with their differences. The best road bike brand will be the bike that suits your needs the most. It is a good idea to always do your research and go for a bike you not only like the look of but what is going to be best for performance, comfort, or speed. 

    Now you know a little more about the best road bike brands 2024 why not check some of these bikes out on buycycle where we have thousands of lists with some of the best bikes!

    Best road bike brands 2024
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