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    Top 5 aero road bikes.

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 24, 2024 8 min
    Top 5 aero road bikes.

    Beat the wind on these aero beasts.

    In the world of cycling, aerodynamics is king. And when it comes to aero bikes, every second saved counts. Which is why Nic gave you a perfect rundown of the 5 best aero bikes available out there in 2024 and we will do the same on the blog today. These models are setting the standard for speed and performance and might just help you set up new personal records. So let's get started!

    1. Factor Astro Vam.

    First on the list we have the new Factor Astro Vam. This beauty boasts major updates compared to the outgoing version and has seen all different sorts of improvements in aerodynamics, weight and stiffness. For the first, Factor's development team focused on the front end of the bike and made their way to the back. Utilizing a method called Rapid Iteration and dynamic simulation, they were able to visualize the airflow in 3D and were thus able to determine the best combination of tube shapes. The result? A true airfoil type profile and while we won't go into to much detail as to what specifically was changed, rest assured that the fork, head tube, top tube, seat post and seat tube were all slimmed down, tapered and optimized to reduce drag significantly. And they managed to do this all while reducing the weight by 7% to hit that 6.8 kilo UCI weight limit and keep the stiffness the same. Quite the task to master...

    Factor Astro Vam

    Factor claims that these changes save 7 watts at 48 km/h and that the bike is even more aero than the Specialized SL 8 or the Cervélo S5. Then, to further compliment the aerodynamic frame, the Astro Vam features aero integrated bottles cages which work to redirect and attach air flow around the bottles and tubes, neutralising drag. Next, the new Black Inc 48/58 wheel set, which now weighs 1,250 grams saving you an extra 219 grams over the previous model, has been optimised for 28 mm wheels and real world wind conditions. Lastly it features the AB02 aero cockpit with fully integrated cable routing, which not only looks great, but provides improved ergonomics and aerodynamics in the front end.

    The verdict? All these new features and improvements end up making the Factor Astro Vam a solid bike for its price, perfect not for only sprinting, but also for climbing and Grand Fondos.

    2. Canyon Aeroad.

    Next up on the list, we have the Canyon Aeroad. Featuring world championship-winning technology this bike offers unparalleled speed and stability at an “affordable” price when compared to other aero bikes, with the flagship model coming in at 9.499 euros. Which, with a Dura Ace Di2 groupset, power meter and high quality frame is a fantastic deal! And before any of you comment... yeah the seat post squeaks.

    Canyon Aeroad

    Canyon did revise that problem though and moved the seat post clamp to the top tube. The frame itself spent quite some time in the wind tunnel, went through multiple CFD simulations and was developed in cooperation with Swiss Side, a company specializing in aerodynamics with roots in Formula One testings. It features deep elongated truncated tube shapes, however slightly more slimmed down compared to the previous model to save some weight, that curved seat tube to protect the rear wheel from head on wind and reduce drag and seamless lines and transitions between frame and fork.

    To further contribute towards aerodynamic, the bike features a deep aerodynamic seat post, a 62 mm wheel set (at least on majority of the Aeroads with the exception of the Campag and Zip models) and the revolutionary and highly adjustable oncepiece fully integrated aero cockpit. Most of the time onepiece cockpits are a pain as you can't simply swap out stems etc., however the cockpit from Canyon allows you to adjust the width by up to 40 mm and the height by 15 mm. It is also foldable for easier transport. Lastly the Aeroad has a great stiffness to weight ratio providing solid power transfer especially when sprinting out the saddle. The only downside? All these aero features come at the price of a slightly increased weight with the flagship model coming in at 7.34 kg in size M with the Dura Ace setup.

    3. Trek Madone.

    Third on the list, we have the Trek Madone. Being completely honest, we weren't a huge fan of the look of this bike in the beginning, but it has grown on us! The Madone spent plenty of time in the wind tunnel, it features fine details and unprecedented tech to make it faster, lighter and more comfortable. Trek claims that the SLR7 is 19 watts faster than the previous model which translates to 60 seconds per hour when riding at 45km/h. Pretty insane... and even more insane when regarding that it is also about 300 g lighter, weighing around 7.10 kg in a size 54.

    Trek Madone

    Trek managed this technical tour de force by introducing their latest version of the kammtail virtual foil tube shape, which significantly reduces drag. They also included a new onepiece cockpit that is aerodnmically optimized, especially in the back end of the stem, and the hoods have been tilted inward about 3 cm. This does not only improve comfort, but also aerodynamics due to a smaller frontal surface area of the rider.

    However, the biggest update on the new Madone is the IsoFlow technology, which replaced the IsoSpeed tech of the previous model. The IsoFlow tech was introduced to combat three critical points: Weight, comfort and aerodynamics. As there is literally now a hole in the bike paired with the high quality 800 OCLV carbon material on the SLR version, Trek was able to shed a significant amount of weight. In terms of comfort, the IsoFlow also allows the Cantileverd seat mast to considerably flex and together with the thinned out top tube provide solid vertical compliance and comfort, all while maintaining a high level of lateral stiffness for power transfer.

    Then, lastly, in terms of aerodynamics, the IsoFlow tech basically smoothens, channels and accelerates turbulent air typically found in the front triangle and shoots it out the back end of the bike reducing drag and increasing speed. Every detail on the bike works in perfect unison and this bike is a true masterpiece of engineering. So forgive us the scepticism concerning looks, the Madone is a true aero beauty.

    4. Cervélo S5.

    A list of the top aero bikes cannot be complete without the beautiful and fast Cervélo S5. This bike has an extensive record of achievements, including taking the yellow jersey at last year's Tour de France. For this bike, Cervélo took complete advantage of UCI's new regulations to reduce drag. They have deepened and narrowed down the tube profiles giving a more NACA tube shape, which is especially noticeable in the head tube, bottom bracket area and seat stays. This allows air so stay attached longer to the bike and reduce drag. The S5 is also no longer available in mechanical setups, which allowed Cervélo to clean up the seat and chain stays. Notice how the frame closely hugs the wheel set and tires with the cuts outs in the front and the curved seat tube in the rear? That's as aero as it gets...

    Cervélo S5.

    This design is typically found on TT bikes and allows for smooth airflow transfer and air attachment between the frame and wheels. Speaking of the wheels, the new Reserve 52|63 wheel set was designed specially for the S5 to complement the aerodynamic enhancements of the frame, saving 5 watts over the previous model and are optimized for 28 mm tires for less rolling resistance.

    Lastly the cockpit! The V-handlebar not only allows riders to find their most optimal and aggressive riding position, but also allows head on wind to travel straight through and stick to the top tube. Although not the lightest coming in at around 8kg in size 54 or the cheapest, the Cervélo S5 is extremely fast, has great handling (forgive it its short wheelbase) and is somewhat comfortable for an aero bike. In short? It's the perfect bike to chase podiums.

    5. Scott Foil.

    Last on our list we have the Scott Foil, another beautiful looking bike in our humble opinion and it boasts impressive numbers. Like the other manufacturers on this list, Scott took full advantage of the new UCI regulations. They chucked the model right in the wind tunnel and significantly deepened the tube profiles, smoothened transitions and decreased the frontal area by highering the fork crown and slimming the handlebar to reduce drag and cut through wind. The thick head tube not only allows for full integration of cables, but according to Scott also acts as a fairing splitting head on wind, increasing streamlining and reducing drag. Interestingly, they also significantly dropped the seat stays to increase comfort, as it allows the seat tube to flex more but to also decrease air resistance and drag.

    Scott Foil

    Scott also titled them 10 degrees inward to force the air into the spinning spokes of the wheel to – once again – increase speed. Speaking of comfort, the new twopiece Sycnros seatpost noticeably bends, filtering out bumps and vibrations from the road. The same goes for the handlebar: when riding in the drops the handlebar stiffens for better power transfer, but when riding the hoods, it is more compliant filtering out vibrations. All these changes and attention to fine details such as the carbon layup, the selection components etc. led to an increase in speed of 16 watts translating to 1 minute and 18 seconds saved over an 45 km course when going 45km/h, 10% increase in comfort and even with all the aero updates 9% lighter than than the outgoing model which is very impressive. Quite some numbers, no?

    It tips the scales at 7.2 8kg in size 54 which is not bad at all for an aero bike like this one. Making it all in all a great bike for those looking for all out speed on the flats and those break away situations, but also something that can tackle climbs with ease. Price wise not the cheapest, but it is great to see that there is a wide range of options available.

    The new models of these aero beasts are impressive, no question about it. But the predecessor models can also do quite a lot and the good thing is that you can find them at a discount on buycycle! Pre-owned and in top condition: there's bound to be one for you among the 17,000 road, gravel and mountain bikes on our marketplace. If you have any questions, our team is always there for you and you can find more information about bikes on the blog. So browse around a bit, we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!