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    Pinkbike: The best place to buy and sell a used bike?

    Alice Huot
    Alice Huot
    May 28, 2024 8 min
    Pinkbike: The best place to buy and sell a used bike?

    Pinkbike: Is that a good platform to sell or buy a bike? Is there any better one? If you are a passionate cyclist, you will likely use multiple bikes and regularly upgrade them. This means that there will likely be a time when you need to sell a bike. 

    There are many available bike-selling platforms, but a question often heard is Pinkbike vs buycycle: where is the best place to buy and sell a used bike? Today we we will be comparing the two and give you the options.

    Pinkbike vs buycycle: Overview




    Buyer Protection


    Automatically activated for every bike

    Return Policy

    None currently 

    Free return shipping with full refund

    Customer Support

    You have to deal with the consumer directly.

    Refund by buycycle if dissatisfied

    Seller Verification

    Phone number, email,  optional

    Preliminary verification by buycycle, reliable

    Ad Quality

    Lots of different bikes.

    Selective, based on quality criteria


    Mainly US


    Bike Quality

    Varies, no strict control

    Carefully checked, high quality

    Condition Check (for bikes labeled "New")

    No specific check, variable

    Thorough inspection, quality guarantee

    Market Coverage

    High but not many buyers looking to buy just coming across adverts.


    Origin and Quality Assurance


    German services, strict guidelines

    Comparing Pinkbike vs buycycle: the finer details

    Now for the exciting part, let’s break it down and tell you what you can expect from using Pinkbike used bikes and buycycle used bikes when it comes to buying and selling. When you ask yourself, where to sell a bike, have a look at these differences that you can expect, expanding on the overview.

    Pinkbike is a well-known platform for MTB enthusiasts, but is it truly the best to sell or buy a bike?

    Pinkbike: How far does it reach?

    Reach is the first aspect and one that is really important to speak about. buycycle gets a lot of monthly users, and when people visit, they are looking for a bike to buy or reading one of our amazing blogs. It’s good at getting you in front of the people that matter.

    When it comes to Pinkbike classifieds, there is more of an audience, but people are not often looking to buy but just looking for an update on what is happening in the cycling world and the Pinkbike forum. You do get a large audience with Pinkbike, but it is not all people looking for a new bike. 

    Who is the primary audience?

    When it comes to the primary audience, you will find people who go to Pinkbike are mainly mountain bikers, which is typically what they focus on buying and selling. There is nothing wrong with that. It is what Pinkbike marketplace specializes in, and it is good if you love off-road riding.

    When it comes to buycycle there is all different types of bikes. You get gravel bikes, road bikes, mountain, commuters, and much more to choose from. It gives you many options, especially if you like many different types of cycling.

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    What are the main platform features?

    buycycle, as a platform, focuses on the buying and selling of bikes, offering many different options such as inspection and much more. You also get some amazing blogs that will tell you what you need to know about cycling. The main focus is on bicycle exchange.

    Pinkbike USA, as a platform, focuses on reviews, the latest news, blogs, pinkbike forum, and more, but the buying and selling of bikes is very secondary to them. It is got a lot of content and has a lot of connections with some of the big cycling brands for the latest news. 

    Does it have a community?

    pink bike
    At buycycle, we are the masters of buying and selling bikes.

    When it comes to community, Pink Bike hosts the Pinkbike forum where people discuss bikes, offer technical help, and more. They have a diverse user base from many places and even run a fantasy DH league.

    At buycycle, we engage with the community differently. We are the masters of buying and selling bikes. We are online through our blog, available via email, and active on social media. We help you find the best bikes in our guides, such as our selection of best beginner mountain bikes or best mountain bikes for bikepacking. Our focus is on providing exceptional service rather than just general conversations.

    Pinkbike: Where is the buyer protection?

    When it comes to buying and selling a bike it is good to have some form of protection. At buycycle, you get this in the form of not only can you buy fully inspected bikes that have been through a shop, but you also have moderators if you sell directly through them to help resolve issues.

    With Pinkbike buy sell, you do not get that. You are responsible for your own protection. You can either collect and inspect the bike in person beforehand or find a way to prevent yourself from buying a bike with a bad history. 

    It is also important to mention that adverts on buycycle are vetted and anything that we think is a scam is swiftly removed. Unlike Pinkbike or Craigslist, which warns you that if a bike is too good to be true, it more than likely is. 

    What about bike inspection?

    buycycle, you have the option of buying inspected and refurbished bikes. These are where they have been to a shop, been looked at by professional mechanics, brought up to scratch with new parts, and even come with a warranty.

    Pinkbike buy sell does not offer an inspection or warranty service. You really are just listing to sell more than anything. If you want a bike inspected, you would have to get the seller to agree to take it to a shop, and you get the shop to check it out at a cost. 

    Pinkbike vs buycycle: which one is the easiest to use?

    If you choose to list on Pinkbike buy sell, all you are getting is the listing, and then it is up to you to arrange payment and collection or delivery of the bike. This can be a challenging way to sell a bike.

    With buycycle it is a little different. You have the payments safely done through the platform, we assist you in shipping, and if you go for an inspected bike, you get a warranty. Any issue returns are easy to make as well. We also guide prior the buying process with buyer guides such as "How to choose a mountain bike?" or "How to choose a gravel bike?".

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    Do you get warranty?

    Although mentioned before, it’s good to discuss it further in detail because many people do not quite believe that buycycle offers a warranty. Well, it does on inspected bikes, which means that you are able to ride away for a year with very little to worry about. 

    With Pinkbike buy and sell, they have no responsibility after the advert has gone down. You need to ensure that you are doing proper checks and making sure the bike is in good working order, that it’s not stolen, and much more.

    Pinkbike vs buycycle consumer test: Buying a XC cross country used bike

    Pinkbike vs buycycle consumer test

    buycycle: A selection two to five times larger

    Another factor is understanding the amount of choice you have between different sites. Here we are going to tell you the amount of bikes listed when it comes to XC cross country bikes. 



    buycycle vs Pinkbike

    All announcements



    9 x more bikes available

    Delivery available



    20 x more bikes available

    Just say you wanted to break it down to certain brands. There’s going to be a huge amount available to choose from depending on the website. As you can see buycyle and Pinkbike offer a huge amount of options but buycycle does have a much better choice. 

    Number of XC cross country bikes

    available by brand
























    Santa Cruz



    A smoother and more intuitive search on buycycle

    The first criterion to consider when searching for a used bike is its size; even if the bike meets all other criteria, if it is too small, it's useless. That is why, on buycycle, frame size is the first filter available after selecting the type of bike. On buycycle, there are also no ads, and the platform is clean and simple to use. The most important criteria, such as bike brand and size, are prioritized. On Pinkbike, you often end up clicking on ads unintentionally, making the overall experience less smooth.

    Which is for you? Pinkbike or buycycle?

    There are some very clear differences between buycycle and Pinkbike used bikes when buying and selling. Pinkbike USA is a bike website which tells you the latest news and also runs a classified section which is just a way to advertise a bike. 

    buycycle is a selling and buying platform that can offer warranties, shipping help, inspections, buyer protection, and vetting of adverts to ensure people are buying the correct item. They are two very different things, and it depends on what you want as a buyer and seller. 

    If you are serious about selling or buying a bike and want a team of people behind to help, then buycycle is the platform to go.