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    Rose Backroad Review

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 3 min
    Rose Backroad Review

    The Rose Backroad under the magnifying glass

    A new day, a new gravel bike review. Today it's about one of the true beasts of the gravel scene: The Rose Backroad. Everything worth knowing about this icon, you will find in this post.

    The Rose Backroad is the carbon-gravel bike from the manufacturer. The lightweight and high-quality carbon provides a comfortable ride on rough terrain, as it dampens slight vibrations, but is still stiff enough to provide a safe driving experience.

    1. Tire clearance and mounting options.

    Whether on the way to work, on a long tour or on the next bikepacking-trip, the various attachment points on the top tube, down tube, seat tube, fork and chainstays make the Backroad a perfect companion to which you can attach bags, mudguards and a luggage rack can be mounted. As for tire clearance, the fork of the Backroad can accommodate up to 45 mm wide tires in 700c and up to 47 mm wide tires with 650b. These wider tires provide more comfort and grip on rough terrain. In terms of weight, the Backroad weighs about 8.9 kg, which is not bad for a gravel bike.

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    2. Geometry.

    As far as the geometry is concerned, you sit with the Backroad compared to pure road bikes in a more upright position, which provides more comfort on longer rides. With a stack to reach ratio of 1.48, the Backroad is more comfortable than other gravel bikes like the Cannondale Topstone or the Specialized Diverge but it is sportier and more aggressive. That means you'll be sitting a bit more stretched out. This makes it ideal for those looking to switch from a road bike to a gravel bike. The 1039 wheelbase is also significantly shorter than many other gravel bikes on the market. Therefore, when riding off-road or at high speeds, it is slightly less stable, but feels more maneuverable.

    3. Components.

    The Backroad is compatible with both 1x, 2x and mullet groups from Shimano GRX, Sram or Classified available. This wide range of options ensures that there is a suitable shifting group for each:n rider:in. For gravel bikes, most people prefer the 1x drivetrain because it's more efficient on technical climbs, generally lighter, and easier to maintain than a 2x drivetrain. However, if you're looking for a more versatile bike and gearing similar to a road bike, the 2x drivetrain is recommended.

    All Backroads are supplied with a wheelset from Rose . Depending on the version either G-thirty or R-thirty. This one is equipped with the ROSE G Thirty Disc wheelset, which is tubeless-capable and with a weight of about 1800 grams is not bad with gravel, dust and bad weather. Depending on which version you purchase, the Backroad comes with a Ritchey Butano or VentureMax handlebar. Both handlebars have a wide bulge for more comfort and control when riding off-road. However, the VentureMax version has a 24 degree bulge as well as a bio-bend shaping that provides even more control, comfort and variable grip options. A great feature missing from many other gravel bikes is the cable routing under the stem, which makes for a very clean look and also keeps the bike aerodynamic. Another highlight is the long, d-shaped carbon seatpost in combination with the internal clamping bolt, the low chainstays and the cut-out seat tube with rubber cover. This combination allows the seatpost to flex noticeably and provides a kind of suspension in the rear triangle for more comfort.

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    4. Price.

    Price-wise, the Backroad in the carbon version, starts at € 2,499 and ranges up to € 4,999.00. These price differences are due to the different groups, wheelsets and tires. However, compared to other brands with similar components, the wheel is not too expensive.

    In summary, the Rose Backroad is a great all-roundbike . It is not only suitable for rough terrain and long tours, but also for asphalt thanks to the rather performance-oriented geometry. So if you're looking for a very versatile gravelbike that's fast and nimble and lets you sit in a slightly more stretched position, the Backroad is your new bike.

    If we could inspire you now so much that you can not wait to get your new Rose favorite bike then have a look on our website. If you have any questions, our buycycle team always there for you, until then we wish you: Happy browsing, happy cycling!

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