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    All about the Chinese L-TWOO eRX shifting group

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 5 min
    All about the Chinese L-TWOO eRX shifting group

    What is this new Chinese shifting group?

    There is a new kid on the groupset block: The Chinese manufacturer L-TWOO surprised the bicycle world last March with the presentation of its new electronic shifting group. So far, so familiar, because the eRX group does not differ greatly from the Shimano Di2 system - except in one point: The massive 1000 euros difference in the purchase price.

    But what exactly is it about this new Chinese shifting group, how does it work, is it worth changing and who are L-TWOO anyway? Because our interest was also aroused by the many news and discussions about the eRX, here is everything worth knowing in one place, in this blog post:

    1. Who is L-TWOO?

    The Chinese Tech-Enterprise was founded in 2013 and has since been manufacturing shift groups and drive systems for bicycles. A large part of the world's bicycle production takes place in Chinese factories, only in the area of drive components are Shimano and SRAM still the big players on the global market. L-TWOO wants to change that and it already has the monopoly on the Chinese market for bicycle drive systems... Will the eRX system now enable a further leap?

    2. What is the eRX system?

    L-TWOO offers with its new product an electric 2 x 12 derailleur with semi-radio circuit, whose front and rear derailleur are powered by a central battery. The group is designed for a 50/34 compact crank and a 11-32t cassette, so far everything is exactly like the Shimano Di2 set built. Even the control surface of the shifters from carbon with its two buttons for upshifting and downshifting is very similar to the Shimano set-up. In total, the eRX weighs just under 1,300 grams, including the shifters, front and rear derailleurs, battery, cables and hydraulic disc brakes.

    3. How does it work?

    It goes techy further: As a rear derailleur with semi-radio shifting, both front derailleurs are supplied with power via a cable from a central battery, which is housed in the seatpost. The rear derailleur, the head of the derailleur mission, communicates with the shift levers and the front derailleur via Bluetooth radio and - according to L-TWOO - in just 22 milliseconds.

    The Bluetooth function can also be used to connect the derailleur with the L-TWOO app. With which you can not only configure the derailleur specifically, but also adjust the control buttons and even change the angle of the chainline.

    4. Is it worth it for me to switch to eRX?

    It is at the latest the almost unbeatable price of about 595 euros of the shifting group, which will now make some of you wonder whether the eRX is not worth a purchase. Well, the tech behind the rear derailleur is not really new, most of which we know from the bicycle fan favorite Di2 but if it is now also similarly reliable and functional, then the eRX can actually become the new shift group hit.

    However, a few questions remain unanswered, which is why a purchase at this point might be a bit hasty, as long as it is not yet possible. Currently, the eRX does not appear on the manufacturer's website or in the AliExpress store, and international retailers who offer the eRX directly in Europe will probably have to wait a while.

    In addition, it is not yet certain whether in the announced price of 595 euros the hydraulic disc brakes are included, the cassette and crank are not. And by the fact that so far none of the major industry media could actually hold the components in hand and test, is also not yet much known about how much L-TWOOS latest product is good in use.

    But if L-TWOOS eRX keeps its promises, a high-quality, advanced shifting group sits down at the table with SRAM and Shimano and at a much lower price. The purchase itself is then worthwhile for Tüftler:innen and Enthusiast:innen who want to tune their bikes and their driving style without having to reach too deep into the wallet.

    Despite all this, however, the market for individual shift components is a rather small, so most cyclists:inside remain with the original parts of their bikes. Whether L-TWOO will be installed also on your favorite mountain bikes or road bikes, remains open. For those who prefer to rely on Shimano, SRAM & Co. for the time being and do not want to screw around themselves, buycyle is there. Take a look at our website and find over 10,000 high quality second hand mountain, road and gravel bikes. For questions about shifting groups and the topic of bicycles in general, our support and until then we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!