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    Road clear for Canyon

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 4 min
    Road clear for Canyon

    The most important information about one of the most important international bicycle manufacturers

    Triathlon bikes, mountain and gravel bikes, racing- and cyclocross bikes: Hardly any other bicycle manufacturer can do so many things as well as the Koblenz brand. Canyon. Founded just 21 years ago has Canyon quickly convinced an enthusiastic, loyal and above all huge fan base of itself. Today we look at the history and greatest achievements of the inventors of the Ultimate, Grizl and Grails take a closer look at today's event: Road free for Canyon!

    Like so many success stories, that of Canyon begins in a garage (hi Mr. Jobs). In the middle of the modest German province, Roman Arnold grows up in the 1970s. He is a big cycling fan and even competes in small races and spends the little time his father has for him with him in the stands at regional competitions. One day, the two decide to turn their hobby into a business, travel to Italy and buy bicycle accessories and spare parts that are not available in Germany. Back in Germany, father and son sell these parts from their car trailer during the races, and later from a small garage store.

    But the father dies early, at just 46 years old. After his death, Roman takes over the business with his brother, Franc Arnold, and officially founds Radsport-Arnold in 1985. The brothers now also sell bicycles from third-party manufacturers, try in the 90s to sell bikes from own brand, but only in 2002 follows the decision to develop and produce them completely independently. Radsport Arnold thus becomes Canyon Biycycles.

    Since then, Roman Arnold and his team have been designing top-quality bicycles - the Koblenz-based company produces up to 300 bikes a day. The brand has won numerous design and innovation awards and currently has more than 200 patents pending (for example, a city bike that is driven by a gear chain instead of a regular chain, which does not need to be oiled and is therefore gentle on office clothes and urban outfits).

    One of the most impressive innovations from the house CanyonThe lightest racing bike in the world at the time, the concept bike presented in 2005 weighs just 3.76kgbike. A year later designs Canyon a road bike with hdyraulic disc brakes, far before there are similar models on the market. The Aeroad CF is the first bike with a customizable fork dropout, and the MRSC Connected, the result of a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, has a built-in emergency call system - a promise of safety that perhaps makes up for a minor scandal from 2006?

    At that time had to Canyon recall almost 8000 of its racing bikes. The carbon forks were at increased risk of breakage due to a manufacturer's defect - which could have led to life-threatening falls. Since then, the brand has placed a high value on quality control: every safety-relevant component is tested for stability and safety by technicians using ultrasound equipment, and in some cases even computer tomographs are used.

    Project 3.7: The lightest road bike in the world at the time

    Over 1400 employees, a company value of 800 million euros (fun fact: American basketball star Lebron James owns 4% of Canyon), around 300 bicycle models and millions of loyal fans of the brand worldwide... But there is still one finish line for Canyon still to cross: A Canyon bike is to win the Tour de France as per Arnold's wish.

    This victory should no longer be far away, since 2007 is engaged Canyon has been involved in professional sports since 2007, starting with sponsoring the Belgian Unibet.com team. In the Koblenz showroom now hang the triktos of numerous Grand Tour winners and world champions: Cadel Evans, Jelle Vanendert and Joaquim Rodriguez, Giro d'Italia winner Nairo Quintana alongside Richard Carapaz and cyclocross hero Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, who won the French championship in 2018. Other world-class athletes working with Canyon include European champion Mathieu van der Poel, Boris Stein and Iron Man world champions Jan Frodeno and Patrick Lange.

    All these professionals not only rave about the high performance bikes, especially the support during competitions by the Canyon team seems to be extremely personal and intensive. Pro Sport Management, the manufacturer calls it: The athletes should have to worry about nothing but their competition, for maximum peace of mind and maximum performance.

    This concern comes from Roman Arnold himself, so he has remained a cycling fan forever. The fact that the company and his Pure Cycling mission are so close to his heart is related to his history. He says himself, Canyon would not have existed if his father had not died so young back then. So the brand remains a very emotional matter for him.

    And Tour de France victory or not -. Canyon Bikes have become indispensable in less than 30 years from the hearts of the cycling community and arrived at the forefront of the bike industry.

    Canyon Founder Roman Arnold

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