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    Former pro cyclist Jan Ullrich is auctioning off his legendary Pinarello racing bike

    Anja Benson
    Anja Benson
    Jun 25, 2024 4 min
    Former pro cyclist Jan Ullrich is auctioning off his legendary Pinarello racing bike

    A historic event is about to take place: Jan Ullrich, the infamous former professional cyclist, and German Tour de France winner, is auctioning off his original racing bike with the help of the pre-owned bike on the buycycle platform. All proceeds will be donated to cycling programs targeted towards young and aspiring riders. The auction will take place exclusively on buycycle.com, and will start on June 25, 2024 - four days prior to the start of the Tour de France.

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    Telekom Pinarello racing bike from 1998: Pristine original condition

    Jan ullrich auction bike

    The team Telekom Pinarello racing bike from 1998 is in pristine original condition. Jan Ullrich himself says that he associates it with both the toughest training sessions and the most historic races of his career. All components, including the handlebar tape, Continental tires, Campagnolo Record Titanium groupset and the prominent Telekom paintwork, are original.

    A Hidden Secret: The Sigma Bike Computer

    A little secret built into this iconic bike? The Sigma bike computer fitted: Ullrich said he was curious to see how many annual kilometers were recorded on the bike computer. "I hope something over 40,000 km," Jan said with a wink. May the highest bidder prove him right or wrong!

    Supporting the Next Generation of Cyclists

    Jan Ullrich was intent on underlining that, "It is a matter close to my heart to support the next generation of cyclists. With this auction, I want to give young talents the chance to realize their dreams and further promote the sport that I love so much," he told buycycle in an interview in his museum in Bad Dürrheim.

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    Jan ullrich auction bike
    The bike has also been signed by the Jan Ullrich

    Auction Starts June 25: Bid During the Tour de France!

    The auction starts on June 25 and runs for the entire duration of the Tour de France. Interested bidders can submit their offer on buycycle and not only acquire a unique piece of cycling history but also contribute to the promotion and encouragement of young cycling talents, since without exception, all proceeds go towards young cycling programs. buycycle is delighted to host this special auction in support of the cycling community.

    Jan ullrich auction bike