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    Canyon Grizl Review

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 3 min
    Canyon Grizl Review

    Your new Gravel?

    The gravel-scene is booming! Everyone is becoming a gravelhead and you probably want to become one too if you've landed on this post. But you don't know which bike to buy? Then here we present you one of the best entry-level models: The Canyon Grizl.

    1. The basics.

    There are currently three versions of the trendy bike on the market: The Grizl AL made of aluminum, the Grizl CF SL made of carbon, and the Grizl SLX, that uses the Canyons lighter and higher quality SLX frame. All models also have a suspended version for more comfort and control. Price-wise, we start at 1499 euros in the aluminum series and go up to 4599 euros in the SLX series.

    2. Weight.

    As for weight, the CF SL weighs about 9.6 kg in the small size and about 9.85 kg in the M size. The aluminum-version is obviously heavier and weighs about 10.74 kg, while the SLX version is significantly lighter at about 8.66 kg. Considering the tires, this weight is quite reasonable. All models are equipped with Canyon's famous VCLS carbon seatpost, which absorbs vibrations and provides high comfort on rough trails.

    3. Tire clearance.

    Now to the more important things: The clearance for the tires. The Grizl comes standard with the grippier 45mm Schwalbe G-ONE Bite tires mounted on a DT Swiss Gravel wheelset. However, if you want to take on more extreme trails, you can step up to a 50mm tire that offers more grip and cushioning. That's 8mm more than the Grail allows.

    4. Components.

    If we look at the components, the price range varies. The Grizl CF SL 6, is equipped with the 2x10 Shimano GRX RX400, which is the same as the Tiagra group you may already know. Although it's the cheapest, it still offers a high level of performance in terms of precision and operation, and unless you plan to use it professionally, you should be happy with it. On the higher end, you can also get the 2x11 Shimano GRX 810 if you want an extra gear and Ultegra-like performance. For those who love simplicity, light weight and low maintenance, there are also 1x drivetrains.

    5. Geometry.

    As for the geometry, it is almost identical to that of the Grail. However, the Grizl is slightly higher in terms of stack and slightly shorter in terms of reach, making it more compact. This puts you in a more upright position that allows you to comfortably cover more distance and gives you more stability on loose and rough trails. This makes sense since the Grizl was built for rougher gravel.

    6. Mounting options.

    Another feature worth highlighting and a key difference between the Grizl and the Grail are the various attachment points found on the fork, down tube, top tube and even the rack mounts on the aluminum version. This makes it much easier to attach things like bike bags and makes it the perfect companion for bikepacking and long tours.

    So should you buy the Canyon Grizl? Well, it all depends on what kind of riding you do or want to do. If you're into more extreme trails, going on long rides and really want to be comfortable, if you're into bikepacking, then the Grizl is definitely for you. If you want stability on rough trails and speed on asphalt, then.... no. The Grizl was designed for rough terrain. And yes, you can ride the Grizl on the road with no problems, but if you're looking for an all-around /road bike that also does well on light gravel and rides well on asphalt, then you might want to look at the Grail.

    If you new Gravelhead now still have questions, contact the buycycle team at any time. And if you want to buy your new Grizl or Grail right away, then go to the buycycle website! As always, we wish you happy browsing and happy cycyling!