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    How to buy a bike at Rose Outlet

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 6 min
    How to buy a bike at Rose Outlet

    Rose Get hold of bikes reduced in the outlet

    Rose Bikes are known for their excellent price-performance ratio. The bicycle manufacturer began in 1907 in the road bike sector. Today, it offers a range of different types of bikes. There should be the right Rose bike for everyone. Meanwhile, Rose is one of the most popular brands in Germany. Rose Bikes GmbH is based in Bocholt, Germany. Rose does not sell its bikes through other dealers. There are stores and workshops in 15 cities. Demand at Rose is high, and their bikes usually sell out quickly. Nevertheless, there are always discounted bikes in the outlet. Online, Rose offers various used bikes, last year's models and exhibition items at a discount. Frequently asked questions about the Rose outlet are answered here.

    1. What is the difference between the Rose outlet and the normal Rose store?

    Rose There are stores and workshops in 15 cities, for example in Bocholt, Munich, Berlin and Cologne. On site, the employees offer detailed advice. In addition, the bikes can be test ridden, including popular models such as the Rose Backroad or the Rose Xtra Watt Evo. Since you can customize a lot when buying a Rose bike, it's worth getting advice from a staff member. For many models, in addition to the frame color, changes to the shifting group, suspension elements, tires and other technology can be ordered.

    In the Rose Biketown are usually the current models on display. Once you have chosen a bike , you can order it either at the store or online from home. In addition to a service area, spare parts and accessories can be purchased in the store itself. It is worth making an appointment for a consultation in advance so that an employee can take the necessary time for a detailed discussion. Since Rose bikes have to be ordered, the question arises as to what use the stores have apart from advice and test rides.

    First and foremost, of course, the aim is to offer customers a contact person on site. Especially when it comes to high-priced bikes like e-bikes, road bikes, trekking or mountain bikes, a detailed consultation is important for non-professionals. A consultation by phone is also possible. In addition, bikes can be delivered to some stores, and assembled there for free. After all, the bikes cannot be left in their final form for shipping home. Rose offers a workshop service, both for Rose bikes and for other brands, whether MTB or road bike. Since you can't get Rose bikes from other dealers, it happens that you are turned away at various bike stores or have to pay more for a repair. Bikes or other products can be exchanged or refunded within the return period in the Rose stores.

    In some stores, visitors can have their feet measured. On the one hand, the feet can be measured thanks to a 3D measuring device. This allows a recommendation for the ideal cycling shoes to be made. On the other hand, the buttocks can be measured, which helps to find the ideal saddle. Rose offers discounted bikes, but they are not on display at the Biketown. The Rose outlet is available online. There was already once a classical Factory Outlet in Bocholt, in which one could regard the discounted wheels locally. It's worth keeping your eyes open for similar promotions from Rose or asking around. This way, you can also test drive the reduced bikes and save on shipping costs.

    With the outlet available online, the bicycle manufacturer remains true to its online concept. At the same time, Rose does not offer low-quality bikes. Rather, these are models that either show signs of use in some form, or models that will soon no longer be available in the range. The discount in the outlet is usually based on the signs of use of the bike. If there are slight signs of use, there will be little discount, but you will get a nearly new bike, for which you will have to pay less. In any case, the bikes in the outlet are in working order. The purchase of a second hand bike is always worthwhile.

    2. What kind of bikes are offered in the outlet?

    In the outlet Rose offers various bikes. Both real unique pieces, as well as exhibition pieces from the Rose stores, used bikes, last year's models or discontinued models that will soon no longer be available. The Rose bike outlet carries bikes from various bike categories at great prices. How much discount is given on the bikes varies. Both last year's models and discontinued models are not necessarily worse than new products. Often, only small things change between models, such as newly available colors, a different shifting group, various components have received new designs or the supplier for a component has been changed. To constantly make room for new models, Rose offers these models at a discount. The selection in the Rose outlet changes regularly and is limited. So it's worth taking a regular look at the website to make sure you don't miss out on an interesting model in the ideal size.

    3. What condition are Rose bikes from the outlet really in?

    All bikes are 100% functional according to Rose . They are checked before sale. Used bikes or exhibition bikes have worn components changed if necessary. Exhibition and new bikes have warranty coverage. Used bikes are covered by the warranty, and Rose also provides a six-year frame warranty. In addition, the four-week right of return applies after completion of the purchase. The reduction in price is made up depending on the condition of the bike. Used bikes and exhibition pieces will probably be cheaper to buy than discontinued models.

    4. What should I pay attention to when buying? Are there any risks?

    As a buyer, one has various securities such as warranty or warranty obligation. Online, product images are used for the outlet, which are usually not of the original bikes. Instead, stock photos are used, which stand as a symbol for the respective model. Defects are therefore not apparent from the images shown. There may also be other components installed on the purchasable bike than can be seen in the photo. Before buying, you should therefore pay attention to the product description, in addition, more pictures may be uploaded to a bike , on which more can be seen about the condition of the bike.

    5. Wow good is the availability?

    Rose is one of the most popular bicycle brands in Germany. For his money you get high-quality processed bikes with good components - the price-performance ratio is right. The delivery time can be a few weeks due to the high demand when buying a new bike. Especially when many people buy a new bike , as in the spring, just before the start of the season and into the summer, you have to expect long delivery times. Bikes that Rose sells in the outlet are limited to small quantities. To find the right size to get hold of, you have to be fast, because especially the discounted, but still perfect bikes are sold out quickly. Bikes that are available in the outlet, however, can not be subsequently configured. There is a range of products in the outlet, from entry-level to top models in every bike category.

    6. Are there alternatives?

    A second hand bike is worthwhile for several reasons. You get a functional bike at a discount, which can give you a lot of fun on bike tours. Rose is a popular brand, however, whose bikes are sold out quickly. The situation is similar in their outlet. Either way, there is a lot of money involved when buying a bike, so you should still get a custom fit bike . To find a used bike in a suitable size and with the desired features, it's worth looking to a third-party supplier. The buycycle team offers you an alternative to the Rose outlet.

    With us you will also find different types of bikes from different brands. Also Rose Bikes are also very popular with us. Buying a bike at buycycle offers you similar advantages as the Rose outlet itself. The bike will be delivered to your home. In addition, you can make use of the right of return, if you have imagined your dream bike differently. We also offer various payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna, credit card, instant bank transfer or installment purchase as convenient alternatives.

    The buycycle team is ready to help you choose the right bike model or answer any questions you may have about the buying process. Browse with pleasure a round in the Rose store of buycycle and find discounted top models. We wish you: Happy browsing, happy cycling!