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    Plattfuss' Garage

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 13, 2024 3 min
    Plattfuss' Garage

    Hello from the far north, we are Hannes and Lasse - two brothers from Kiel. Together we make the podcast "Plattfuss - The Triathlon and Cycling Podcast". Every week we talk to each other about what's on our minds. The core topic of sports is often simply bypassed and we digress far and wide. The goal, however, is still to tame the bastard together every week and to explore the starting lines of this world. We ride bikes because it's simply shocking!

    The Plattfuss garage

    Rose X-Lite 04

    We both ride the X-Lite 04 from Rose Bikes with a 105 gear. Previously, we have both ridden other bikes, but always wanted to sit on a uniform buck. So we both sold our old bikes at buycycle and got the Rose . In fact, before that we both had bikes with electronic shifting. However, it always bugged us that we were not able to actually fix them. Therefore, we went back to the good old 105. Since nothing can break and if nevertheless one gets the MacGyver-mässig with a rubber band and a toothpick also times bridged. We love it!

    Rose Backroad

    We also both chose the Backroad from Rose for our Gravelevents. Lasse got his new from the Rose store, but Hannes no longer got one, because nothing was in stock. So he looked at Buycycle and is directly found and got an almost brand new wheel. Now we can both fly through the forest again and collect off-road kilometers.

    Rose Bonero

    Lasse also bought a Rose Bonero for the Atlas Mountain Race 23, which he unfortunately had to stop after a crash at kilometer 500. This unique experience has already given the bike a special meaning and although it is currently not used much, he can not really part with it. Maybe it will end up on the platform here someday and be ridden by someone else. Maybe it will return to the desert sands of Morocco at some point.

    If you want to learn more about our bikes, triathlon training and other exciting topics, feel free to check out our podcast - you can find it linked here.