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    The 10 best places for cycling vacations in winter

    Sophia Willmes
    Sophia Willmes
    Mar 4, 2024 5 min
    The 10 best places for cycling vacations in winter

    Here are the best places to cycle in the winter time 

    So slowly get us the Winter and the cold that comes with it... And it is probably increasingly difficult for some of us to gather motivation to get in the saddle. Fortunately, there are countless places where you can easily ride all year round - without frostbite. The choice is huge, so where to go for your next cycling vacation?

    To help you get through the winter without having to give up your favorite hobby, Team buycycle has dug deep into the weather maps of over 100 cycling destinations and analyzed the data from the winter months. This way we were able to compile the perfect list of places where you can experience the cycling vacation of your dreams.

    1. The Canary Islands, Spain - average winter temperature 19.2°C | 66.56°F

    The Canary Islands offer you a breathtaking landscape. The idyllic archipelago includes Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote: each of these islands offers varied terrain, so that each:r cyclist:in, whether with the racing bike or MTB will get their money's worth: volcanic landscapes, dense forests or coastal roads make every ride special. The mild climate, even in the winter months, guarantees perfect conditions for exploring small villages and historic towns.

    Adventurous cyclists can try steep climbs to volcanic peaks and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views. The Canary Islands are also home to numerous Cycling events which attract cyclists from all over the world. It is not for nothing that the Canary Islands land on our number 1 spot as a sunny paradise for the perfect cycling vacation...

    2. Tucson, Arizona, USA - average winter temperature 13.52°C | 56.34°F

    Tucson, Arizona, is a heaven for cycling enthusiasts. With its breathtaking desert landscapes and over 1300 kilometers of designated bike trails, it is a true paradise for cyclists:in. The area offers varied terrain, from challenging trails in the nearby Santa Catalina and Tucson Mountains to scenic asphalt routes through the Sonoran Desert. Tucson's pleasant weather, especially in the fall and winter, makes it a year-round destination. Cyclists:inside can explore the famous Saguaro National Park, observe desert wildlife and enjoy the region's rich cultural heritage. So Tucson offers the perfect mix of adventure, culture and natural beauty.

    3. Costa Almeria, Spain - average winter temperature 13.53°C | 56.35°F

    The Costa Almeria in Spain offers the perfect conditions for a unique and versatile cycling vacation - even in winter. Located in Andalusia, this coastal paradise with its mild temperatures and abundant sunshine is an ideal destination for cyclists inside who want to escape the cold climate. With its diverse landscapes, you can explore desert trails, coastal roads and rugged mountainous landscapes. The Sierra de Alhamilla and the Sierra de los Filabres offer challenging routes with breathtaking views. Along the way, charming Andalusian villages can be explored and, above all, the local cuisine makes the area worth a trip not only in terms of sports but also in culinary terms. Due to the warm weather and the beautiful landscape, the Costa Almeria offers everything you could wish for as a cyclist.

    4. Madeira, Portugal - average winter temperature 14.62°C | 58.32°F

    A winter cycling vacation in Madeira, Portugal, is worthwhile thanks to breathtaking natural beauty. The volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean is a paradise for those looking for an idyllic place to escape the winter cold. With its lush landscape, varied terrain and well-maintained trails, Madeira is a paradise for cyclists of all abilities. You can explore scenic coastal roads, tackle steep mountain passes, and enjoy dense forests on your bike. Away from the spectacular scenery, a detour to the local cuisines of the picturesque villages is always a good idea.... Madeira promises an unforgettable cycling adventure.

    5. Cyprus - average winter temperature 14.14°C | 57.45°F

    Are you looking for a destination where you can cycle in mild weather and sunshine along crystal clear waters? Then Cyprus is the perfect destination for you. A delightful blend of Mediterranean charm and outdoor adventure, Cyprus is an ideal destination for cyclists, thanks in part to its varied terrain, which offers everything from rugged mountains like the Troodos to scenic coastal routes. Cyclists can explore ancient ruins, tranquil vineyards and traditional villages, immersing themselves in the island's rich history and culture. Mediterranean cuisine and warm hospitality add to the experience. Whether you're looking for challenging climbs or leisurely rides along the coast, Cyprus has something for all levels. For cyclists:in the winter season, it is a paradise where nature and culture intersect in a wonderful way.

    Who rounds out the top 10?

    6. Southern California, USA - Avg temperature 16.27°C | 61.29 °F

    7. Costa Blanca, Spain - Avg temperature 14.05°C | 57.29°F

    8. Malaga, Spain - Avg temperature 13.90°C | 57.02°F

    9. Algarve, Portugal - Avg temperature 14.55°C | 58.19°F

    10. Majorca, Spain - Avg temperature 13.36°C | 56.05°F

    Now you know the most beautiful places for cycling in winter... But don't worry, even if you don't make it far away on vacation this year, you can ride a bike just about anywhere. You can find the best tips and tricks on our blog (e.g. in our Layering Guide) and the perfect bike for every occasion you can find on buycycle.com. Where you by the way your old bike also quickly, safely and easily sell uncomplicated. For questions our team is always there for you, but until then we wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!