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Europes biggest bike selection
Only certified sellers
Buyers protection

Too many beautiful bikes to commit to one?

Try our new subscription service to get hands on your dream bike for 6, 9 or 12 months!

How does our subscription work?

Choose your dream bike, select a period of time and hop on your new bike.

Step 1

Choose your bike.

Choose one of the many bikes from our subscription offer.

Step 2

Choose your period of time.

Decide whether you want to spend 6, 9 or 12 months together.

Step 3

Get your new partner in crime delivered right at your doorstep.

We take care of the delivery so that you can fully focus on planning the good times ahead.

Your Subscription Advantages

You are not sure if you like the sports? Or you do not want to commit to one bike only. Get the buycycle subscription and follow your feelings!

Check out our offer in few minutes

Fast delivery and free return

We make sure that shipping is convenient and secure.

Large selection

Choose your bike from a large selection of road and gravelbikes

No commitment

You choose how long this relationship should last: 6, 9 or 12 months

Don’t worry, ride happy.

Having trouble with your bike - simply send it back to us and we take care of it, insurance included.

Do you have more questions?

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If you still have questions about selling your bike and want to contact our customer service please write us to support@buycycle.de We look forward to hearing from you!

You can rent our certified pre-owned bikes for 6, 9 and 12 months.
If you decide not pay monthly but in a one time payment for the whole length of your subscription upfront, you can choose the one time payment option and receive a 10% discount.
After your subscription ends, you can either pro-long your subscription or receive an offer from us to buy out your new favorite bike.
You can rent our certified used bikes for 6, 9 and 12 months.
If you choose to pay for the entire duration of your subscription in advance, in one payment, you can choose the one-time payment option and get a 10% discount.
Since our bike subscription is very popular, we can unfortunately only rent one bike per person.
We will ship your bike within 2 business days. For orders within Germany & Austria, you can expect a delivery time of 3-4 business days. Orders outside of Germany & Austria are usually delivered within 5-7 business days.
The subscription period is set before you sign up for your subscription. An early return is therefore not possible. If your bike does not meet your expectations upon delivery, you can of course return it.
You can exchange your bike for an equivalent bike within your subscription.
If you have a crash with your bike, we will take care of everything and of course take the bike back immediately.
The bike is insured for the duration of your subscription with us. For an unforeseeable crash, all costs will be borne by us.
After your subscription has expired, you can either extend your subscription or you will receive an offer from us to buy your new favorite bike.
After your subscription has expired, you can extend your subscription.

Any questions? Talk to us.

If you have any questions just write us at: support@buycycle.de