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Selling a road bike properly


The cycling season is just around the corner, the new dream bike has been ordered and the kilometers on the roller have prepared the legs perfectly for the upcoming rides. But now where to put the old companion? The cellar is full, the flat is cramped and the courtyard is not the right place.

Supported by the race bike & gravel bike boom that has been prevalent since 2020, demand clearly exceeds the current supply, especially for new models. In addition, the proportion of people who base purchasing decisions on sustainability aspects such as resource conservation or climate emissions is growing. Accordingly, the chances of being able to resell one's old road bike for a fair price on the secondary market are high. There are many different options available for this, both analogue and digital. Some helpful tips are presented in the following:


What before the digital age was sometimes the only way to buy bicycles and goods in general is now perceived quite differently. Many find flea markets dusty, sometimes creepy and only interesting for (art) rarities. Other groups appreciate the personal contact, the stories behind the products and their contribution to sustainability. However, racing bikes are offered relatively rarely, and in addition they tend to be historical models (vintage racing bikes). This is also known to potential buyers, who then prefer to rely on the filter options of an online shop.

Conclusion: very social, partly charming but probably not the optimal channel.


Wherever you can buy racing bikes, there should be an opportunity to hand in or trade in your old bike. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many shops have rather rigid contracts with their suppliers, limit themselves to certain brands and models or simply do not have the capacity to take care of your used road bike. Moreover, in a bike shop you will usually meet road bike experts who also have experience in buying and selling road bikes. So if you are not sure how much your bike is worth, there is a risk that should not be underestimated that you will not get the price you deserve.

Conclusion: a lot of expertise paired with buyer qualities must be tamed.


Second-hand shops exist in both analogue and digital form, whereby online platforms in particular have become very popular in recent years. Ebay is the absolute top dog in this area, even if the user-friendliness sometimes leaves a lot to be desired and commissions for buyers and sellers should not be underestimated. Increasingly, however, smaller, more local platforms are appearing on the scene that want to better connect existing communities. Both the global and local concepts are designed so that users do not search very specifically, but act more like in a department store. Conversely, this means that sellers get lost in the swamp of similar products and categories.

Conclusion: Large platform with little focus.


This leaves the specialised online platforms. Here, too, a lot has happened in recent years and there is a not inconsiderable selection of providers. Nevertheless, there are clear differences, which is mainly due to the fact that most digital marketplaces have a clear focus on potential buyers. Sellers are left out in the cold and have to come to terms with the situation. buycycle wants to counteract this and makes the creation of ads as easy as possible, supports shipping and guarantees secure payment.

Conclusion: quickly back into the shop and off you go!

All in all, selling a racing bike is a personal and sometimes emotional matter. You are parting with a faithful companion and want the best possible buyer. Whether the buyer is at a flea market or in an online shop, the timing and communication have to be right.

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