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The brand-name MTB is too precious for you to conquer rough downhill rides on it. Road bikes are your thing and the longing for the bike park was just a phase. You wanted to show off your dream mountain bike on your next active holiday, but now you don't have the money to travel. Or your MTB is always in the way. There are many reasons for selling your used bike. Often you are afraid to advertise your MTB on the internet. It is difficult to estimate how much money you can ask for. There is also the fear of legal consequences when selling due to overlooked defects. So the value of the used hardtail or fully drops while it clutters up the garage or room. Yet the bicycle market is booming. Since some models are quickly sold out, your used MTB can become a sought-after object. A little information is important if you want to turn your used bike into cash. Here you can find out everything about how to sell your mountain bike easily and fairly.

  1. This is how much your used mountain bike is worth
  2. Get the most out of your listing
  3. Seller and buyer satisfaction
  4. Advantages of selling your used mountain bike on buycycle.com

1. This is how much your used mountain bike is worth

It makes sense to take stock of your MTB before you sell it on. This will help you determine a fair price. Otherwise you may pass your bike on as a bargain or potential buyers may stay away due to unrealistic price expectations. To determine the current market value of your MTB, take a look at its general condition. Larger rust spots can reduce the price. Look for cracks, bends or dents in the frame and handlebars. Welded seams are particularly susceptible to cracks, for example in the area of the head tube on the suspension fork. It makes a difference what material your frame is made of. Steel and aluminium can bend. A carbon frame does not bend, but gets fine cracks before it breaks. In principle, all materials are very robust. However, do some soul-searching and think about crashes you have had with your bike. If you are unsure about cracks in the carbon frame, consult a specialist to be on the safe side before selling. Check that the brakes are in good working order. Look at the wear on the rims. You should also take a look at the drivetrain including chain, crank and sprocket. Take a test ride and shift through all gears. Listen carefully to hear if anything clanks. Keep an eye on the tyres. Do they still have tread, are there cracks? Also check the sides of the tyres for cracks. These occur when the MTB has been standing for a long time or if the tyres are inflated incorrectly. Check whether the wheels have a so-called figure of eight, they should run round. The suspension of the Fully can also have a particularly high level of wear. This includes the rear shock and the suspension fork. They are usually very robust, but they should still be checked. The points mentioned above provide a lot of information about the condition of your bike. Also check if any parts are loose or missing. Prospective buyers usually want an MTB that is fit to ride. In addition to essential components such as the brake or the chain, the saddle and pedals should also be screwed on. This makes your MTB particularly attractive to seekers. If it is an e-bike, check the battery and motor. Specialist dealers can determine the battery capacity. This allows you to stand out from other sellers. E-mountain bikes are sold with a checkbook. If the maintenance intervals have been kept, this is a big plus. Think about whether you have independently added or replaced spare parts that change the original condition.

In general, you don't have to be an expert to have an eye for worn parts. Be honest and consider how you would feel about the mountain bike if it were offered for sale. If the MTB has hardly been used, the condition can be described as new. For this to be the case, it must also have been stored under a roof, protected from the cold and wet. If it has been well looked after and stored in a dry place, it may be in good condition despite frequent use. In addition to the general condition of the used bike, other factors play a role. Prices can vary depending on the type of MTB. Is it a trekking bike, hardtail, all-mountain bike, city bike, e-mtb or enduro? Time and again it can be observed, especially in cities, that certain types are becoming a trend. Another interesting factor in determining the price is the brand. High-priced manufacturers like Specialized record less depreciation on used bikes than no-name producers. Established brands like Trek, Haibike, Bulls or Cannondale also remain more stable in value. High-quality components such as those from Rockshox, Sram and Shimano have a price-increasing effect. The same applies to high-quality motors on e-mountain bikes, such as those from Bosch. How many years old is the model you are offering for private sale? Models from the current season that are already sold out when new can be sold at a higher price. A high demand regulates the value strongly upwards. It is also relevant how many kilometres have been covered with the MTB. Even if you once spent a lot of money on your new bike, there can be a considerable loss in value. Sometimes 50% of the original price is paid for a used bike, even if it is in good condition but several years old. More than 85% of the new price is usually unrealistic, even with high-quality components and well-known manufacturers. How much your bike is worth after three, five or ten years can hardly be answered in a general way. Too many factors have to be taken into account. For example, an old bike with technical defects can still be traded as a collector's item at horrendous prices.

2. Get the most out of your ad


Before the MTB is put up for sale on a platform such as Ebay Kleinanzeigen or similar, it should be prepared in the best possible way. Loose parts can be reattached. Major repairs rarely have an appropriate effect on the price. The used bicycle should be cleaned in any case. However, you should not use the steam jet that is normally used to clean cars. The high water pressure can damage the frame paint. With a garden hose, old sponges and a little cleaning agent, every bike shines in new splendour. Photos that show the bike in a good light will increase the number of hits on the ad. A neutral background and good lighting are essential for this. A lot of junk or a dark garage that can be seen behind your bike will not invite the ad to be called up. Daylight photos in front of a white house wall are appealing. You want to avoid both overexposure and shadows. The pictures should be sharp. A tripod can help you with this. It is important that the MTB is completely visible on the side of one of the pictures. Pictures in which the components are clearly visible are particularly good. Wear parts that have already been checked during the inventory should also be photographed. Any defects can then be examined by interested parties. Here it is worth spending a few extra minutes and producing quality photos. A few quality photos will look better than a load of blurry shots. Include all the information you have about the used bike: Make, model, year of manufacture, frame height, condition, kilometres ridden, defects, parts that have been replaced independently, details of components. If the bike is specifically a women's MTB, include this information. If you sell your bike on the internet, the test ride is often omitted for potential buyers. Nevertheless, a precise description provides certainty and can be decisive for the impulse to buy. Here, too, it is best to orientate yourself on what you yourself would find appealing. A confidently determined fixed price makes it possible to obtain a high purchase sum. Prices that are advertised on a negotiating basis are often pushed low. Have in mind how much you want to get at least for your MTB. Are you unsure of the price? Then start with a negotiable price and allow for some room for manoeuvre. This way you can compare interest and counter offers and get a good feel for a realistic price. The time of year can also help with the sale. In the spring before the season starts, higher sales are possible than in the autumn after the season. In spring, many people are full of energy and drive and thus willing to pay a lot of money for a promising MTB. Towards winter, other expenses often await, the wallet is less often opened for outdoor hobbies. Bikes that are in fashion are also easier and more profitable to sell. Work with words in your ad that will quickly direct searchers to your ad. If your MTB has significant defects, such as a bent frame after a fall, it can still make some money. If some components are in good condition, they can be sold individually. However, this appeals to a small target group, people who like to tinker or who know a lot about bikes. In addition, there is the work of dismantling the parts. Moreover, buying used parts is rarely worthwhile if new spare parts are available and not too expensive. If there are supply bottlenecks, you may be lucky and find buyers for the parts.

3. Satisfaction on the seller and buyer side

The private sale of a used bicycle is a special situation. As a seller, you want to get as much money as possible. At the same time, the buyer should be satisfied. Honesty is therefore indispensable. Often potential buyers live too far from home to be able to take a test ride. Therefore, they must be able to rely on your information. Heavy wear of some parts can already make a bicycle uneconomical, as repair costs often turn out to be very high. However, a professional assessment of your used MTB cannot be expected. Give information about quirks and defects that let you go to bed with a clear conscience. This can prevent subsequent discussions with the buyers. The buyers should not be exposed to any risk due to a technical defect that has not been stated. In addition, the buyer may be entitled to a material defect right if obvious defects were concealed and the mountain bike is not roadworthy. The warranty period is handled differently. As a rule, you do not have to give a warranty for private sales. Playing your cards close to your chest makes for the least amount of work and happy people on both the seller's and buyer's side. At the end of the day, it's about enjoying the mountain bike, not making a high profit.

4. Why sell your used mountain bike on buycycle.com?

There are various sites on the internet where you can offer your used mountain bike for sale. Ebay Kleinanzeigen is probably the best known platform. However, it is not specifically designed for selling bikes. This poses dangers in the buying process. Personal data is passed on to strangers. It is complicated to reverse a transaction if you are dissatisfied with the goods. Buyer protection is not available or only in part. Buycycle offers you advantages over other internet marketplaces. Selling on our platform is fast, secure and easy. To create an ad, you only need to provide a few details about your bike. The components and a description of your MTB are automatically added based on the world's largest bike database. You will also receive a price suggestion based on the market value of the mountain bike for sale. However, a price can be determined individually on your own. There are no additional costs for the seller. There is no need for long chats, purchase enquiries can be confirmed with a mouse click. Material for shipping is provided by Buycycle and delivered to the seller. We then pick up the packed bike through our partner shipping company and send it to the buy side. On other platforms, used bicycles are often only offered for collection in order to avoid the complicated shipping process. In this case, the advertisement is interesting for only a few people who come from the vicinity of the seller. buycycle ships bikes all over Europe and thus increases the chance of finding the right buyer for your MTB. As specialists for bicycles, the buycycle team is there to help you with all your questions.


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