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Tips for the Cube factory outlet


Cube is one of the best-known and most popular bicycle brands. Since 1993, the bike manufacturer based in the tranquil town of Waldershof in Bavaria has been selling its bikes in a wide variety of designs. With Cube, you can rely on perfectly manufactured models with high-quality components. Of course, high quality has its price. But there are a few ways to get a bike from Cube at a reduced price. In the Cube factory outlet, you can get discounted road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, children's bikes, pedelecs or even simple trekking bikes. However, you have to be quick, because the bikes are usually sold out quickly. Where can you still find discounted Cube bikes? We answer the most important questions about the factory outlet of Cube bikes and show you alternatives to the outlet.

  1. What is the difference between bikes from the Cube factory outlet and the normal Cube bikes?
  2. Which bikes are offered in the Cube factory outlet?
  3. Where can I buy discounted Cube bikes?
  4. What should I look out for when buying? Are there any risks?
  5. How good is the availability?
  6. Are there alternatives?

What is the difference between bikes from the Cube factory outlet and the normal Cube bikes?

The bikes from the Cube factory sale are models that the bike manufacturer from Bavaria offers on sale. As a rule, these are discontinued models. They are therefore new bikes, only they are no longer the latest model that Cube has to offer. If there is a newer model in the same product family, the bike in the factory sale is offered accordingly as a discontinued model. The innovations can be more comprehensive, but also refer only to individual components. For example, if you want to buy an e-bike as a hardtail MTB, then you will probably get a model in the outlet that has an older generation of Bosch battery than the newer models that you find in the Cube Store or in the online shop. Apart from minor innovations, the bikes from the Cube factory outlet are still of top quality. If it is not so important for you to ride a bike with the latest state-of-the-art technology, then the Cube factory outlet is a good choice to get cheaper models.

Some of the bikes sold in the outlet are exhibition bikes. These are as good as new, but were ridden for test or demonstration purposes. These bikes are then overhauled and tested before they are available in the outlet. This means that in the Outlet you can also get bikes that are as good as new with the latest technical equipment at a lower price.

Which bikes are offered in the Cube factory outlet?

Basically, you can get all types of bikes at the Cube factory outlet, from racing bikes for performance-oriented cycling to mountain bikes for off-road adventures and city bikes for getting from A to B in a relaxed manner. As a rule, the following categories are offered:

Road bikes

Cube road bikes include the Cube Litening, the Cube Attain, the Cube Agree or the Cube Axial. These bikes are designed for good performance on the road and feature sporty handlebars and frames with thin tyres.

Gravel bikes

These bikes are a mixture of road bike and MTB. These all-road bikes come with a sporty geometry reminiscent of a road bike combined with wide tyres that resemble a mountain bike. This mix also allows for a sporty ride off-road on uneven surfaces such as gravel and gravel. For even better performance, the bikes are usually also equipped with a special gear group for gravel bikes, such as the Shimano GRX. The Cube Nuroad, for example, is one of the Cube gravel bikes.

Cyclocross bikes

These bikes, like the Cube Cross Race, are all-road bikes that are even sportier than gravel bikes. Nevertheless, they are well suited for off-road riding on uneven surfaces such as sand, meadows, etc. 



Triathlon bikes

These bikes are optimised for aerodynamics that enable the most efficient ride possible at fast speeds and when riding without slipstream. Cube offers the Cube Aerium, among others.

Mountain bikes

Cube mountain bikes are available in different versions from hardtail bikes, i.e. without rear suspension, to full suspension bikes, i.e. with front and rear suspension. The hardtail bikes include models such as the Cube Elite, the Cube Attention, the Cube Aim Race, the Cube Aim SL, the Cube Reaction and the Cube Acid. The full suspension bikes include models such as the Cube AMS, the Cube Stereo, the Cube Stereo 120 and the Cube Stereo 150c. The MTBs from Cube are designed for fast downhill and off-road tours. They are equipped with high-quality braking systems such as disc brakes from Shimano and therefore offer safety even on bumpy rides.


Trekking bikes & city bikes

The Cube trekking bikes and city bikes are divided into on-road and off-road. Popular on-road models are the Cube Kathmandu, the Cube Ella or the Cube Touring. Off-road bikes such as the Cube Nature or the Cube Travel are not only suitable for asphalt roads, but also for city parks. The city bikes are available with a men's entry, but also with a low entry and trapeze frame shape for women.

Fitness bikes

If you want to be even sportier in the city, you can also get on a fitness bike like the Cube SL Road. Are you a typical city dweller who commutes every day? Then commuter models like the Cube Editor or the Cube Hyde are the right choice for you.


Bikes for kids

There are also children's bikes in small sizes for kids and teenagers, such as the Cube Cubie.

E bikes

The most popular Cube models are also available as Cube e-bike versions, such as the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid, the Cube Touring Hybrid, the Cube Stereo Hybrid, the Cube Reaction Hybrid or the Cube Nuride Hybrid. You can easily recognise the e-mountain bikes by the abbreviation "Hybrid". Cube has also launched special e-bike models such as the S-Pedelec. 

Before buying a Cube bike, you should carefully consider which type of bike suits you best. Do you only ride leisurely in the city? Are you sporty and ambitious, but can limit yourself to paved roads? Or do you also want to be able to ride on unpaved roads? And is sporty performance also important to you on off-road routes? The choice of Cube bike should not depend on the specific offer in the Cube factory outlet, but on your requirements. Otherwise you will miss out on good models that might suit you better. Theoretically, you can find many different Cube models in the outlet. In reality, however, only a few bikes are offered and these are usually sold out very quickly. You can read more about this below. In addition to the bikes, Cube also offers accessories and equipment such as mudguards and luggage racks in the normal online shop and sometimes also in the sale.

Where can you buy discounted Cube bikes?

There is more than just the Cube factory sale. To get your hands on discounted Cube bikes, you have four options:

  • The Cube Store: You can visit various Cube stores in the same way, because some of them offer discounted models "offline". You can try your luck directly in Waldershof, but also in the numerous other stores throughout Germany. And it's really just a search for luck, because you don't know which models are available at a discount until you're actually standing in the shop. You might have travelled all the way to the store for nothing and go home without a new bike. But if you do find what you're looking for, you'll benefit from free shipping and additional advice. If you have time and leisure and the nearest Cube store is not far away, it can be worthwhile to stop by. If you don't find a reduced bike or at least not one that appeals to you, a visit still has its advantages. Directly in the store, you have the opportunity to see the different models live, try them out and get advice. This way, you are well prepared for your search for a Cube bike in the online shop and in the factory outlet.
  • The Cube online shop: You can also buy discounted models directly from the Cube online shop, at least at certain times. Good offers are usually available via the online shops of the individual Cube shops, which all have their own website. Before you go directly to a store, you can also take a look at their online shop and maybe you will find what you are looking for there. 
  • Promotions: Apart from the Cube shops and online shops, you can hope for special offers at bike dealers or online retailers such as Fahrrad XXL. But these promotions are usually limited to a short period of time, which puts you under pressure when making your decision. In addition, you have to find out that there is such a promotion in the first place. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep yourself informed about promotions until the right bike is offered.
  • Second-hand bikes: Or you can start looking for a second-hand Cube bike directly. Second-hand bikes are inherently cheaper to buy than new models. What puts many people off buying a used bike are questions like: "Is the bike still in good order?" and "How safe is the transaction with private sellers"? The buycycle team offers a solution to these uncertainties when buying used. You can read more about this in the last section.

What should I look out for when buying? Are there any risks?

Cube's discontinued models are sold with a return policy and guarantee. You can buy the discounted bikes without worrying and, if necessary, make use of the guarantee and your right to return. However, these rights do not apply if you simply choose the wrong bike. Before you put a bike in your shopping basket, you should make sure that you choose the right frame size or frame height. The right size is crucial for getting off your bike without pain, even after a long ride.

How good is the availability?

The Cube factory sale offers many advantages: You can get bikes at heavily discounted prices and benefit from the same guarantees as when you buy a new model. But you can't fully enjoy these advantages, because usually only a handful of bikes are available in the factory outlet and the few that are offered are sold out quickly due to the popularity of the brand.

If you want to get your hands on a Cube bike from the factory outlet, you'll have to be quick. You don't have much time to look at the available models. The purchase of a bike needs to be well thought out, after all, even with heavily reduced bikes you are not spending an insignificant amount of money and want to have as much riding fun as possible for as long as possible. If you spontaneously grab the first bike that comes along just so that your foray into the Cube factory outlet is successful, you might end up with a bike that doesn't suit you and your needs at all. If, on the other hand, you take a closer look at the different bike types and the variety of Cube models, it is possible that the perfect bike for you will not be available at the factory outlet. In any case, you have to rely on the constantly changing, limited selection of bikes in the Cube factory outlet, which is always only a snapshot and forces you to act quickly.If you want a discounted Cube bike, but don't need these restrictions and the pressure to make a decision, you have to turn to alternatives.

Are there alternatives?

The buycycle team would like to offer you just such alternatives. In our marketplace for used bikes, you can get Cube road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes and, from April 2022, also mountain bikes. You still have doubts whether buying a used bike is worth it in terms of quality and a safe transaction? We can put your doubts to rest.

If a bicycle is second-hand, this by no means means means that it is no longer functional. In fact, most second-hand bikes are hardly inferior to new models. Most second-hand bikes are sold by riders who no longer have any use for their bike, change to a newer model with better technology because of their ambitions or, for example, switch from a trekking bike for the city to a gravel bike because they want to go off-road more. Nevertheless, second-hand bikes still offer high quality and often have only slight signs of use, which only minimally affect their appearance. If you don't ride a bike that often, want to try out a road bike or mountain bike for the first time or don't have the high demands of a professional who constantly needs a new model, you don't have to dig deep into your pocket unnecessarily, but can save money with a second-hand bike. If you're looking for a discounted Cube bike and don't want to be restricted by the limited selection in the Cube factory outlet, it's worth looking for your new Cube bike at buycycle. Here, unlike when looking for a used bike from private sellers, you also get the necessary security and expertise. We offer you the same advantages as at the Cube factory sale: If the bike is different from the one described in the ad, for example, in a different look, with different equipment or with unspecified damage, you can make use of your right of return. This way, we make sure that you end up with exactly the bike you wanted.

In addition, payment is similar to the payment options in the Cube online shop: you can pay securely and conveniently by credit card, instant bank transfer, Klarna, PayPal or even in installments. This means you don't have to worry about the seriousness or reliability of a private seller, but can rely on a safe and reliable transaction with us, and the buycycle team is always there for you if you have any questions. In addition, buycycle offers you another big advantage: As with other online shops, the bikes you buy through our marketplace are delivered directly to your door, and we organise safe transport. This means that, unlike a private purchase, you don't have to worry about collection and can relax while you wait for your new old bike to arrive.

Would you like to get started with a used, but still high-quality Cube bike? Then take a look around our shop! If you are unsure whether it should be a road bike, a MTB or a gravel bike, the buycycle team will be happy to help you. Of course, we will also answer all your questions about our range and the buying process.


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