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Buy a bike at the Canyon Outlet?


In the Canyon online outlet you can get discounted road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, triathlon bikes or commuter bikes from the brand. Are you looking for bikes from the Canyon Outlet and the right ones aren't available? Or are you unsure about the condition of the outlet bikes? In this article we answer the most important questions about the Canyon Outlet:

  1. What is the difference between the Canyon Outlet and the normal Canyon shop?
  2. Which bikes are offered in the outlet?
  3. How good is the condition of the Canyon bikes from the outlet really?
  4. What should I look out for when buying? Are there any risks?
  5. How good is the availability? Are there alternatives?

1. What is the difference between the Canyon Outlet and the normal Canyon shop?

Canyon is a bicycle manufacturer from Koblenz whose success story began in 1985 with the founding of a bicycle shop. Initially, bicycles were sold by direct sales and mail order. Finally, in 1990, production of the company's own bicycles began. Today, the Canyon brand has numerous Grand Tour victories and even world championship titles to its name. A bike from Canyon is therefore a guarantee for top quality and high-quality components.

The bicycle manufacturer Canyon from Koblenz offers some of its bikes in its outlet. Unlike classic on-site factory outlets, the Canyon Outlet is available online. In this way, the Canyon brand remains true to its online concept. Canyon's outlet bikes are mostly second-hand. This means that they are not free of signs of wear like factory-new bikes, but have already been used once or they have visual defects and are therefore not sold as immaculate, new bikes. The condition of each bike depends very much on what they were used for. The range is wide: from exhibition bikes, which have only been in showrooms and therefore show hardly any signs of use, to professional bikes, which have been used in professional races, everything is there. Details on the condition of the bikes can be found here. The difference between an Ultimate CF SL New and an Ultimate CF SL from the Canyon Outlet can therefore lie solely in the presence of minor visual defects and signs of use, although there are also models with hardly any visual defects. It can also be a completely custom-built bike that has been specially tuned and adjusted for a professional cyclist. Understandably, such a bike has been used a lot by the professional cyclist and has clearly visible signs of use. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about the difference between bikes from the Canyon Outlet and new bikes from the Koblenz bike manufacturer. Basically, however, it's about more or less pronounced signs of use - none of the bikes in the outlet has lost any of its functionality, so you don't get a bike of inferior quality or even broken that you first have to bring up to scratch.

However, the difference in condition compared to new bikes means that the outlet bikes are offered at a discount. The amount of the discount depends on the condition of the bike. This means that as-new models are sold at almost the same price as new models, and bikes that have been used a lot and show signs of wear are sometimes offered at heavily discounted prices. When looking for your new, "old" bike in the Canyon Outlet, you can secure real bargains, as long as visual defects don't bother you. If you're willing to spend more, you can get like-new models that are almost as good as brand new bikes, and still save money. You may even find real treasures, like a customised bike that you won't find anywhere else. So you get a bike with a history that you know has served a professional cyclist reliably. Not every bike owner can say that about their bike, can they? However, you have to make sure that the bike is not too special or check carefully whether it suits you. Regardless of whether you only ride your bike sporadically and therefore don't want to spend so much money, whether you are new to road cycling or want to try out off-road riding and don't want to invest in a brand new, expensive bike due to a lack of experience: Basically, buying a second-hand bike is always worthwhile, after all, you get top quality at a good price. A second-hand road bike is usually discarded by ambitious riders whose demands have changed and who want to switch to a newer model. Or a city dweller switches from a city bike to a gravel bike in order to be able to make more trips into nature off the tarmac. There are many reasons why a second-hand bike is sold. This does not mean that the bike has had its day. A used Canyon bike will still serve you well.

2. What bikes can I get at the Canyon Outlet?

Canyon usually only offers a small selection of used bikes in the outlet. As far as the different types of bikes are concerned, you can basically find all models at the Koblenz outlet, depending on which bikes are currently online: From road bikes to MTBs to e-bikes. Since the selection is limited and changes regularly, it's worth taking a look at the outlet more often in search of your new bike. Which bike is right for you depends entirely on what your requirements are and on which routes you want to take off with your bike. Are you an ambitious road cyclist or an adventurous bikepacking fan? Do you want to go on wild uphill and downhill rides on your mountain bike or do you want to ride relaxed through the city? Canyon's range of bikes covers all types of bicycles. You don't have to click haphazardly through the online outlet. Canyon makes it easy for you to find the right bike, as the outlets are assigned to the different bike types.

Road bike outlet

When you buy a road bike from Canyon, you are on a professional level, because the brand's models are even in demand at the Tour-de-France and the winners of big races sit on their saddles time and again. You can choose from aero bikes for high speeds, particularly light race bikes, triathlon bikes with aero cockpits for the best competition conditions or robust cyclocross bikes. In the road bike outlet you will find the most popular road bikes such as the Canyon Endurace, Canyon Ultimate CF SLX New, the Aeroad CF SLX or the Aeroad CF SL with different, high-quality components such as SRAM Etap or Shimano gears. Most road bikes are also available in a version for women with a geometry specially adapted to the female body. You can recognise these models by the abbreviation "WMN". There are also triathlonbikes, like the Canyon Speedmax.


Gravel bike outlet

If you also want to ride off-road, you won't get far with a classic road bike. In this case, you should take a look at the Gravel Bike Outlet. Gravel bikes are a mixture of road bike and MTB. The geometry is reminiscent of a road bike, while the wide tyres are based on a mountain bike. This makes gravel bikes the perfect companion for off-road adventures on uneven surfaces such as gravel and gravel. Whether for short laps or extended bikepacking adventures through wild nature, such as through the Grand Canyon: a gravel bike is the right choice for this, although you can of course also ride such a bike on asphalt. Canyon offers gravel bikes in three categories: Grizl models with thick tyres for rough terrain with coarse gravel, Grail models with narrower tyres for routes with fine gravel and Endurance models as all-rounders with the option of fitting narrow and wide tyres. Canyon's most popular Gravel bike models are the Grail CF, the Grizl CF SLX and the Grizl CF SL New. There are also Cyclocross bikes - the Canyon Inflite.

Mountain bike outlet

If you like to go off-road, but also want to ride narrow trails, then you are in good hands at the Mountain Bike Outlet. Canyon offers different models for use on the most diverse trails, for example downhill &trail  bikes for particularly steep terrain, enduro bikes that are especially well suited for downhill riding, fat bikes with extra thick tyres or hardtail bikes without rear suspension and with a light weight. The Mountain Bike Outlet has everything the heart of MTB lovers desires: from Enduro to Fat Bikes to Young Hero Bikes for teenagers and kids. If you catch the right moment, you can also get your hands on popular models like the Spectral CFR, Spectral Mullet, Neuron CF, Strive CF, Exceed CF SLX , Canyon Torque and Neuron AL or hardtail bikes like the Lux Trail or Lux CF.

City/Trekking- outlet

The Canyon Outlet offers the right bikes not only for tours through nature, but also for the asphalt jungle: shoppers looking for a companion for the city are best off looking around the City/Trekking Outlet. Canyon's city bikes offer a comfortable, upright riding position and also look good with their mixture of road bike and mountain bike. Popular models such as the Roadlite, Pathlite and Commuter are waiting for their new owners in the outlet. The Roadlite with its light weight is also well suited for a quick trip into nature, the Pathlite is a solid trekking bike with wide tyres and the Commuter is, as the name suggests, the perfect bike for commuters.

E bike Outlet

Fans of e-bikes don't have to do without anything either: The Koblenz-based bicycle manufacturer has designed and introduced e-bike versions for some models of all types of road bikes. You can recognise the respective e-bike version by the suffix ":ON" behind the name of the respective bike. There is also a special category in the Canyon Outlet for e-bikes with motors and batteries from Bosch, Shimano or Fazua Evation. There you will find models like the Precede:ON CF and Pathlite:ON city bikes, mountain bikes like the Torque:ON or gravel bikes like the Grail:ON. The e-bike models are usually found in the e-bike category of the outlet and also in the respective bike type category, such as road bike or mountain bike.


 3.How good is the condition of the Canyon bikes from the outlet really?

Basically, the condition of the bikes from the Canyon Outlet can be divided into four categories:

  • Visual defects: These bikes are new bikes that have never been ridden and only have slight visual defects, such as paint damage or small scratches. They are therefore in great condition and usually cost only slightly less than a bike from the normal Canyon online shop.
  • Light signs of use: Bikes with light signs of use have already been ridden once, but have no measurable mechanical defects. Visually, these bikes may also have paint damage or scratches.
  • Medium signs of use: Canyon bikes and e-bikes with medium signs of use have only been ridden for test or demonstration purposes. They still function perfectly, but the cassette and chain have visible signs of use. These bikes also usually have visual defects.
  • Heavy signs of use: These bikes show heavy signs of use, i.e. they have been used as long-term test bikes or ridden by professionals and have therefore been subjected to heavy use. The stress is not only visually recognisable, it is also mechanically evident on parts such as the crank, chain and cassette.

The price reduction also depends on the condition of the bike. With heavily used bikes you benefit from a greater price reduction than with new bikes with purely visual defects.

4.What should I look out for when buying? Are there any risks?

Canyon guarantees buyers of outlet bikes a 14-day right of return and a two-year warranty. This means that, from a purely legal point of view, the same guarantees are offered in the outlet as when buying new bikes in a normal online shop. We have had the experience that outlet bikes sometimes arrived with flat tyres. However, this is not a real risk, because it is not a problem that cannot be eliminated by changing the tube. Should you still be dissatisfied, you can of course make use of your right to return the bike. 

When buying, it is also important to know that the ads in the Canyon Outlet usually first show stock photos of the bikes, i.e. photos that were taken as standard for the new bikes as a presentable product image. Of course, this does not correspond to the actual, current condition of the respective bike. Especially in the case of test models, components such as wheels are sometimes changed in contrast to the standard model. Any changed components can sometimes only be seen in photos that appear later in the sales ad. The stock photos that you see first may therefore show different wheels than those fitted to the bike you are buying. Therefore, you should always look carefully at all the photos of a bike and also read the description of the components carefully.

In the outlet, it is only generally pointed out for each model that bicycles in the respective category may show slight signs of use such as scratches and damage to the paintwork. It also mentions whether or not the cassette and chain show measurable signs of wear. So even though the pictures in the Canyon Outlet may not reveal much, you can at least estimate the condition of the bike and the degree of signs of use and wear. However, the advertisements usually include close-up photos that give you information about the wear and tear of the bike. You should also note that some outlet bikes are sold without the option of leasing the bike. This means that some used bikes are not available for lease.

5.How good is the availability? Are there alternatives?

The Canyon Outlet offers convincing advantages: In some cases, you get bikes at greatly reduced prices with the same performance and flawless functionality as new bikes with only visual defects, some of which are minimal. You benefit from the same legal guarantees as when buying a new bike.

However, there is also a big disadvantage: usually only a handful of bikes are available in the outlet. The selection is therefore limited and the few bikes that are offered in the Outlet are quickly sold out. That's why you have to be quick when buying a bike from the Canyon Outlet if you want to get hold of your dream bike. This doesn't give you much time to think. However, the choice of the right bike needs to be well thought out, after all you are spending more than just a few euros and want to have as much fun as possible with your new bike for as long as possible. Finding a bike in the Canyon Outlet is therefore more a matter of luck than strategy. You can make your decision based on which bikes are currently available in the outlet. However, this is not recommended.

Otherwise, you'll have to switch to a bike from the normal online shop and dig deeper into your pocket. Or you can look for an alternative. The buycycle team would like to offer you just such alternatives: On the marketplace for used bikes you can get Canyon road bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes and mountain bikes (from April 2022). You are offered almost the same advantages as when ordering a bike directly from the Canyon Outlet: your bike will be delivered to your door and you can make use of your right to return it if the bike you ordered is different from the one described in the advertisement, be it the components, the look or the defects. In this case, you can return the bike to buycycle free of charge. Payment is also similar to the payment options in Canyon's online shop: you can pay the amount due safely and conveniently online with a credit card, Klarna, PayPal, by instant transfer or in installments. In addition, the buycycle team is there to answer any questions you may have about the purchase process and the selection of the bike that best suits you.

Would you like to browse through the buycycle canyon shop? Then just take a look and let yourself be inspired! If you have any questions, the buycycle team will be happy to help.


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