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You're looking for a new bike, preferably a used one. After all, it's cheaper and you're doing something for the circular economy. Now you know that perseverance is required on your way through flea markets and second-hand bike stores and sooner or later you will come across the giant of the online second-hand market: Ebay Kleinanzeigen. In this blog post, we'll show you how the jungle of offers on the platform is structured and why you might prefer to find your new old bike at buycycle:

Offer & Range
On Ebay Kleinanzeigen you can find all kinds and types of bikes. Probably even bikes you didn't even know existed. However, more than half of the bikes offered are in the low-price segment under 250€, and just 5 to 10 percent cost over 750€. So if you're looking for a reliable sports bike or something high quality, Ebay Kleinanzeigen isn't the best place to start - but buycycle! 

Here you can find bikes from all price ranges, but we and our services are designed for used premium bikes. From road bikes to MTBs and gravel bikes, you should find everything your cyclist's heart desires. 
In addition, sellers from all over Europe can advertise with us, which means that our offer goes beyond the local networking of sellers and buyers on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. Our simple and secure shipping process through our international shipping partners literally puts no limits on your bike hunt.

Search options & filter options
To navigate through the sheer mass of bikes on Ebay Kleinanzeigen, you have two options: You can narrow down the listings locally to your city or use the free-text search to look for brands, models or specific components. Here you have to trust that the sellers have given their ad a reliable and appropriate title, otherwise the bike will not appear in the search results.

With us, an algorithm automatically creates the ads of the sellers. After they have entered the year, model and brand of their bike, the titles are also created automatically and reliably. In addition to the free text search, which is so reliable, you can also filter by product features or components.

Payment options, return policy and warranty
Since some time you can pay on Ebay Kleinanzeigen also with PayPal - up to 1000€ and even then only if the seller has actively enabled this as a payment option. Especially the cap up to 1000€ makes buying a premium bike almost impossible, after all some of these bikes can cost up to a whole 12,000€. 

If you want to pay your bike securely with Klarna, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung or credit card, you are again right at buycycle. The purchase amount will be held in trust until your new bike is with you and you have confirmed that it corresponds to the stated condition in the ad. After that you still have 14 days right of return and a two-year buycycle warranty. 

Thus, your bike purchase is completely secured - a protection that you unfortunately search in vain on Ebay Kleinanzeigen. There, buying a bike remains a thrill until the very last moment. And as far as return rights and warranty are concerned... well. 

So take a look at our big online store at buycycle.com and contact the buycyle team at any time if you need help or tips. We wish you good luck with your bike scouting and as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!

Still looking for more infos? Check out our detailed appendix below:


A used bicycle is usually much cheaper than a new bicycle with comparable equipment. In addition, using existing bicycles protects the environment. So it's a more sustainable consumption, especially since most bicycle frames are made in Asia and have to travel long distances for transport to Europe. But is buying a used bike safe? What happens if the bike is broken and the defect is only noticed after the purchase?

The buycycle team has created a solution for exactly that. Here you can see the main differences between previous platforms, such as Ebay Kleinanzeigen and Quoka, and buycycle.

 Offer & Reach

The local classifieds market Ebay Kleinanzeigen lives from a large offer and a large number of users. The digital flea market offers a wide variety of models and types, from e-bikes to sporty bikes such as racing bikes or mountain bikes, to trekking bikes and children's bikes from brands such as Puky. More than half of the bikes on offer are in the low price segment up to €250. About another 40 percent of the bikes on offer are in the medium price segment between €250 and €750 and only about 5 to 10 percent are in the high-price segment above the €750 mark. The distribution shows that the marketplace is for "everyone" bikes and that the focus is not on high-quality premium bikes.

This is the biggest difference between Ebay Kleinanzeigen and buycycle. buycycle is an online marketplace for used, high-quality bicycles. It started with racing bikes, gravel bikes and triathlon bikes, and the range is gradually being expanded to include mountain bikes, e-bikes and trekking bikes. In principle, bicycles from all price categories can be advertised. However, the marketplace and its services are designed for premium bikes. By concentrating on a "more pointed" target group, more people can be addressed in the areas of high-quality sports bikes and e-bikes and thus be won over as an offer.

In addition, Ebay Kleinanzeigen particularly focuses on the networking of local offers and needs - the buyers thus get the second-hand bikes via collection and cash payments during the personal handover. At buycycle a shipping service is offered. In this way, international sellers and buyers can be brought together. This means that bikes from all over Europe can be advertised in Germany and the bikes can be ordered to Germany with one click. 

Search options and filter options

On Ebay Kleinanzeigen, prospective buyers work with two search options in particular. 

  • The free text search: You can search for text modules in the headlines of the sales advertisements. This is helpful to search for brands, models and important components. However, one is always dependent on a meaningful title. If the seller has made a mistake or has not given all the relevant information, you will not find the bike. For example, if you are looking for a Cannondale road bike with Shimano electric gears, but the seller does not specify Canyon or Shimano in the title, then the chances of finding the bike are very slim.
  • Search by location: As described earlier, local buyers and sellers are matched. Therefore, on Ebay Kleinanzeigen you can search by the location of each listing. So if you want to buy a BMX in Berlin, for example, you can view bike ads in Berlin.

The buycycle team has eliminated the dependence on ad titles and other options are offered for finding the new, "old" dream bike. The basis for this is the way ads are created. At buycycle, all bikes are advertised via a database. So if you want to sell a bike, you enter the make, model and year and all information about components, frame material, e.g. aluminium or carbon, or components, e.g. a shifting group from SRAM, is added automatically. The detailed advantages of selling a bicycle are explained in a later section. (---> jump) This results in various search options on the platform:

  • Free text search: Similar to Ebay Kleinanzeigen, you can also search for keywords on buycycle. However, the ads are guaranteed to have the most important information in the title (due to the database described) and in addition, the search also works by bike type (e.g. MTB or Gravel Bike) even if the designation is not present in the ad title.
  • Filter options by components: Since the components of the bikes on offer are catalogued, you can filter by all the different components just like in an online shop. For example, if you are looking for a Campagnolo shifting group, you can filter the offers exactly according to this. The same applies to the search for specific wheels, a special suspension fork or any other installed component. 
  • Filter options by product features: Whether you want to filter by the top brands, frame material, colour, size or price, all these options can be easily clicked and selected. It is also possible to sort by the condition of the bicycles. If you are looking for a bike in very good or good condition, you can only display these. The same applies to bikes for hobbyists or bikes in perfect condition.

Online payment & installments

For some time now, Ebay Kleinanzeigen has offered the option of paying with Paypal. However, this option must be actively selected by the seller. However, most sellers do not yet use this option. In addition, this payment option is capped at 1000 euros. This cap is particularly problematic for premium bikes, where prices of up to 12,000 euros are paid for a used bike. Payment in instalments (especially popular for premium bikes) is not possible.

Here, too, buycycle wants to improve functionality. Online, every bike can be paid for, regardless of the amount, with Paypal, Klarna, credit card, Sofortüberweisung or even by instalment. The purchase amount is then held in trust and securely transferred to the seller. In this way, both the buyer and the seller can be secured and cases of fraud are made almost impossible. Individual vouchers can also be offered via this payment system.

Right of return

In the case of a collection of the bicycles, the right of return plays a rather subordinate role. You look at the bike and try to determine all defects on the spot and address them if necessary. Even if some defects only become apparent after the first ride, this can reduce the risk of buying a used bike. In the case of shipping, this first inspection is only possible after the purchase. Returns are not possible with Ebay Kleinanzeigen, or only in usually difficult consultation with the seller. buycycle, on the other hand, offers buyer protection. If, for example, the purchased bike is in a different condition than described in the sale ad, it can be returned to buycycle's central contact person. As a neutral party, buycycle assesses each case and takes care of the reversal with the seller, a repair or a clarification with the buyer. The shipping costs are refunded in every justified return. This reduces the risk of an online purchase to a minimum. 

Workshop check

If you buy an expensive e-bike, for example, or want to be sure that everything is working properly on a normal ladies' bike and that there is no danger on the first ride, it always helps to have the bike checked by certified bike mechanics. For all buyers who would like to take advantage of this additional security, buycycle offers an optional workshop check that is unique to date. Together with our own bicycle experts and/or third-party suppliers and partners, the bikes can be checked between the seller and the buyer. During this check, the gears are adjusted, the tyres are centred and the functionality is completely checked, including minor repairs. In the case of larger repairs, these are carried out in consultation with the seller and the buyer. 

Are you looking for a new used bike? Then take a look at the buycycle shop and see for yourself the differences between the various buying platforms.

Besides the advantages and disadvantages of Ebay Kleinanzeigen and buycycle on the buyer side, there are also significant differences between the platforms for sellers. In the next sections, the biggest contrasts will be highlighted and explained.

Offer preparation

Listing is about a good mix of quick listing and high quality of the sale ad. The sellers want to sell the bike with as little effort as possible. However, if the chances of selling are reduced by avoiding effort, this is counterproductive, because in the end one usually has to wait longer for the sale. This can be illustrated with a simple example. With the least effort, one creates an advertisement or pictures and only with the title "Racing bike for sale". However, the potential buyers can hardly do anything with this statement and the bike will probably not be sold. If you add good product pictures and a description of usage behaviour, such as kilometres ridden, and installed components, such as a Shimano shifting group, you increase the chances of selling exponentially. A few extra minutes when creating an offer is therefore worthwhile!

With Ebay Kleinanzeigen, the creation of the offer is completely up to the seller. Of course, this leads to maximum flexibility, but you are on your own when it comes to entering brands, models and components. buycycle has implemented a different approach. You can only advertise a bicycle by specifying make, model and year. This way, the model is automatically found in a bicycle database and components are added. Individualised superstructures, if they deviate from the standard equipment, can then of course be adapted. This gives you less flexibility in creating ads, but maximum support in creating a sales ad with all the important information with just a few clicks. If you can't find your bike in the database or don't know the model or year, the buycycle team will help. In the future, automated image recognition will further automate and simplify this process of ad creation.

Price recommendation

Determining an appropriate yet realistic selling price is one of the most difficult tasks in the sales process. As a rule, the following factors should be taken into account for the determination:

  • Price when new
  • Age and condition of the bike
  • Make and model 
  • Current market situation
  • Time of year

These characteristics all have a greater or lesser influence on the selling price. A very well maintained bike from a popular brand, such as Cannondale, which is sold in spring, has a better chance of selling than a very worn bike from an unknown brand. A detailed procedure for determining the price can be read in our blog article " Selling a bike".

While Ebay Kleinanzeigen does not give any price recommendations, buycycle uses a self-learning algorithm to take the above factors into account and to be able to give an exact price recommendation. In the process, the algorithm becomes more and more precise and a price determination takes only a few seconds.

Secure payment

If the money is not handed over personally, one unfortunately hears about cases of fraud again and again. Money is transferred via Paypal and subsequently withdrawn. Or sent transfer confirmations were faked and in the end a transaction did not take place. In most marketplaces, self-organised payment is normal. But it is precisely in this "self" that the risk lies. 

buycycle has optimised the flow of money. Buyers can pay securely and for each buy request, the required money has already been blocked. As soon as sellers confirm the sale, the amount is collected and held in trust. This means that every seller can be sure that the purchase amount will be paid out as long as the right bike with the specified characteristics is handed over. 

Shipping support

In the case of shipping a bike, sellers on Ebay Kleinanzeigen and co. have to organise packaging and shipping themselves. Since more and more logistics service providers have stopped picking up bikes, this leads to a time-consuming process of asking about the condition and then taking the bike to the nearest post office. Since most people don't regularly ship bikes, the buycycle team designed and implemented a different approach. Packing material is sent to the seller's home. Once the bike is packed, an hourly appointment can be made with the shipping company. They pick up the used bike and bring it insured to the buyer. 


Handling a secure and simple shipping process leads to a big advantage. One can leave the local level and address buyers internationally. This is exactly the case with buycycle. Advertised bicycles are displayed all over Europe and buyers from the respective countries are addressed. This increases the chances of a sale and shortens the time it takes to sell. Different shipping costs are individually adjusted for each country and can be displayed with one click. 

This establishes an international marketplace with a large offer of e-bikes, road bikes, MTBs, trekking bikes, BMXs, etc. and connects cycling enthusiasts all over Europe. 

Would you like to sell your old bike? Then convince yourself of the advantages of buycycle. Click here if you have any questions.



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