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20 cycling gadgets to make your 2023 riding even more fun


2023 is here! We have resolutions, we want to go higher, faster, further. But at buycycle we also like to say: New year, new fun! To better share that with you, we've put together a list of bike accessories that are as versatile as we hope the new year will be. From practical to beautiful or just quite funny, everything is there. Cheers to a special new year on our bikes!

For the Play-It-Safe-Fellas
If you love your bike, you´ll also worry about its safety, after all it was expensive and it is your faithful companion and in the city bikes are stolen unlike anything else and if it is as beautiful as yours and... Do not worry. A safe solution to let thieves of all kinds only longingly eye your bike, because stealing is virtually impossible, is the Kryptonite lock Fahgettaboudit from the New York series. It is one of the most secure and durable bike locks on the market. 18 mm hardened special steel can not even be cracked with bolt cutters.

If you want even more security, you can also attach an Abus alarm system to the frame: Triggered by the press of a button, switched off with a key, it shrills off at the slightest movement of the bike with 100db - the volume of a  chainsaw.

For tourers and tinkerers
Long, extended bike tours through nature - how much we look forward to it. But the further away you are from home, the better prepared you want to be for any incidents. When both you and your bike are ever out of breath, the mini hand pump from BBB Cycling becomes your hero: Small, handy, chic and extremely powerful. If you prefer pedaling over pumping and have a little more space in your backpack, you can fall back on the comfortable variant of the battery air compressor, which makes your tire ready for use again in no time. However, this option is more suitable for bike-packing tours, after all, the good piece weighs almost half a kilo.

Thanks to the BeeMyBox you can also start cycling with more minimalist packing. It is a portable bike locker, perfect for keys, cell phone, wallet. Or for the ReHook, an ingenious multitool that provides you with almost all the necessary tools from spoke keys to wrenches and tire levers for your bike all at once. If you want to protect your hands while repairing and riding, Roeckl has just the thing for you. The famous glove manufacturer now also has cycling gloves in its range that are made almost exclusively from recycled materials.

For aesthetes
The bicycle has always been a design object. Those of you who appreciate these visual aspects of their two-wheeler will love Oi bicycle bells. Minimalist, sleek and they make a wonderful sound too.

The young Dutch company Stasdock goes all out and celebrates the bike as an interior object. Not only are these wall mounts for your bike and its accessories incredibly practical and space-saving, they also look unbeatably good and allow your bike at home the staging it deserves.


For party people on a bike
Take your bike to the club. Nebulite makes this not only possible, but cool. The Berlin label's unique bags and backpacks glow in all colors thanks to LED fibres that can be controlled via app. They're waterproof for the ride to the party, and with sound-to-light technology, your bag sparkles in sync with the music. An eye-catcher wherever you cycle - or dance.

For summer souls
The warm days still seem far away, but we're getting you ready for them anyway with these sunny accessories. With the Surfboard Rack from MovedByBike you can combine your favorite summer hobbies: Bike to the beach and take your surfboard with you, ready to hit the waves. For those who get hungry afterwards and can still take a little extra charge: The Knistergrill fits on the front of your handlebars and allows you to enjoy grilling as far as the bike path will take you. The wine for the beach picnic can then still be clamped in the Baiki Multiuse rubber (which can also attach your cell phone, your water bottle, your tools - and pretty much everything else) and off goes the summer adventure!

For the extra clean look
As much as we like to throw ourselves into the mud with our MTB or race through puddles with our road bike - some of us also want the bike to shine and glisten properly again after the tour. Not to mention that regular bike cleaning is not only good for our eyes, but also for the bike itself. If you want to give 100% right away, get a mobile outdoor cleaner with full power - it's also suitable for house and yard! Environmentally friendly polishing is done with the "Care Your Bike" cleaning kits from Bio-Chem, a young company that uses biodegradable and sustainable substances for its cleaning agents and does not test on animals.

And to keep your apartment clean when you take your bike inside, Velosock offers bike covers that keep dirt off your floors.


For urban night owls
Getting lost in the urban jungle is all too easy, but can get pretty dangerous pretty quickly, especially for cyclists. For more visibility on the bike, there are two great innovations: First, Garmin's radar taillight. It makes you not only visible from afar with 5 lumen lighting power but warns you with visual and audible signals of vehicles approaching you from behind. It's also smartphone compatible and has nine hours of battery life. Laser Lane Trail lights are a similarly exciting solution. These taillights do not only draw attention to you, but use two laser light beams to mark the exact lane of your bike - so no one passes by too closely.


A must for day and night is and remains the helmet: Hövding convinces with a chic and safe product, the airbag helmet. Like a collar, you wear this special helmet around your neck, the integrated sensors trigger the airbag in the event of a shock or impact, which ideally protects your head and neck. Similarly safe and even more space-saving is the foldable helmet from Closca, with it, you can cruise slimly packed and yet safely through the asphalt canyons.


The buycycle team wishes you all a wonderful new year, full of bike tours and fun on two wheels. And if you want to buy a new bike along with all the gadgets and accessories, you are of course always in good hands with us - take a look at our online store! We wish you, as always: Happy browsing, happy cycling!


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