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Bianchi Via Nirone

795 €

1249 €

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This 2015 Bianchi Via Nirone Tiagra Compact - Other Campagnolo is a frame size 52. The bike suitable for a body size of 163-173 cm. The frame is made out of carbon and the condition is Very Good. It has run 3.000 - 10.000 km and the last service was this year.




Very Good


52 cm

Frame Material


Component Group

Other Campagnolo

Frame Color


Matthieu G.


Pulheim, Germany

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Kilometers ridden : 3.000km - 10.000km

Last Service : This year

Color :

Previous owners No

Receipt available No


Frame Material : aluminum
Fork Material : carbon
Tires : continental ultra sport 25mm
Cassette : Campagnolo 10 Speed
Seatpost : Reparto Corse alloy
Handlebar : RXL SL Carbon Pro
Chainrings : FSA Gossamer
Saddle : Lietu
Wheels : Mavic Cosmic Elite 40mm Rujixu Replica
Crank : FSA Gossamer
Stem : RXL SL Carbon
Brakes : Reparto Corse
Rearderailleur : Campagnolo Veloce 10 Speed
Frontderailleur : Campagnolo Veloce 2x10 Speed
Pedalss :
Motor :

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Ich verkaufe mein zuverlässiges Bianchi Rennrad von 2012. Der Rahmen (52cm) passt für Menschen von 168cm bis 180cm. Es war vor kurzem in der Inspektion und wurde durch vielen neuen Komponenten optimiert.

Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Coast 2 Coast
Alu-Hydro carbon C2C Triple butted 7000
Campagnolo Veloce 2x10 Speed Schalthebel
Campagnolo Veloce 2x10 Speed Umwerfer
Campagnolo Veloce 10 Speed Schaltwerk
Campagnolo Veloce Bremsen
Campagnolo 13-29 Cassette
FSA Gossamer 50x34 Kurbel
Mavic Cosmic Elite 40mm 700C Laufräder
Continental Ultra Sport 700x25c Reifen
Rxl Sl Carbon Lenker

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Via Nirone

795 € 1249 €

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Other Comments

Alena Sophie J.Buyer

2w ago

How are two different people supposed to sell the same bike? Honestly, if that was your buddy / life partner or whatever on eBay, then you could have mentioned it???

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago


Good night!

Alena Sophie J.Buyer

2w ago

To me, that seems like one of the two offers can't be real, right?

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago


Alena Sophie J.Buyer

2w ago

The same wheel with the same text and pictures can unfortunately also be found on eBay. What could be the reason for this?

(Links can not post, but the one on eBay is the "Bianchi Via Nerone 7 C2C Campagnolo Veloce 9.2kg" if you want to take a look :)

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago

Why "unfortunately" ?

Herr K.Buyer

2w ago

Too bad, then the wheel is unfortunately too large. My wife is 1.66, looked smaller.

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago

If you read the whole item description, you know that the bike is too big for you. I have written a text for it.

Herr K.Buyer

2w ago

Hello Matthieu,

can you please tell me the height of the driver / rider.

Greetings Steffen

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago




Alena Sophie J.Buyer

2w ago

Hi Matthieu, how much was the bike ridden? The statement above is not quite meaningful. Thanks! Love, Alena

Matthieu G. Seller

2w ago


The frame about 4000km but the rest of the components are almost new - so the mileage does not mean much.

Thomas F. S.Buyer

1mo ago

I'm always happy to hear from friendly fellow citizens who take the time to explain their own faulty displays. I've been riding road bikes for just under 5o years, so I guess I still have some learning to do to get to the level of knowledge you bring. I don't use Goggel as a matter of principle. Was there something else? Yes, in principle I find the wheel interesting, but would not even take it from you as a gift.

Matthieu G. Seller

1mo ago

Which is probably the reason why you wrote in the first place I guess? Go buy yourself an e-bike! I doubt what you are writing but it doesn't cost you a lot, dies it?

Thomas F. S.Buyer

1mo ago

The upper part of the display clearly states :

Frame material : carbon

In this respect, I think the question about the material quite justified!

Matthieu G. Seller

1mo ago

Well, that's just a mistake from the Buycyle.de team, because they write this part themselves. And it's not just the case on my bike. As a seller you can't change that section. The website is growing and they obviously have a lot to do.

Second, if you have the patience to open the different sections of the add you will read "frame material: aluminium"

Third, if you have the patience just to do a little research on Google you will know that Via Nirone 7 is and has been for 22 years the name given to the aluminium entry-level road bike from Bianchi.

Fourth, "Alu" is written in the pictures, and the frame obviously has aluminium tubes, which you can notice from the junctions.

So if you are not familiar with bikes, next time just take the time to read some documents, or at least the description of the article before you ask for the seller to read your message, and take the time to reply to you.

Jürgen R.Buyer

1mo ago

Hello, a very nice road bike, have a few questions about it:

-is the frame made of carbon or aluminum? From the ad it is not clear.

-Are there threaded holes on the stem to attach a mount for a bike computer?

-Can something be done about the price?

In advance, thank you for answering the questions.



Matthieu G. Seller

1mo ago


The frame material is shown in the picture. A little Google search completes the whole. All Via Nirone c2c are made of aluminum with carbon fork and rear legs.

Screws for computer included. Modern handlebar.

The price is fixed