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Europes biggest bike selection
Only certified sellers
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Europe's marketplace for pre-owned bikes.

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The right bike. Anytime. Anywhere

How does it work?

  • Choose the bike that best suit your needs
  • Purchase the bike and follow the delivery progress in the Orders section
  • Enjoy the ride once your bike has been received
  • Create Ad. Get a price valuation for your bike in just a few clicks. Your ad is created in 2 min.
  • Sell a bike. We find buyers for your bike from all over Europe. On average your bike will be sold after 7 days.
  • Payout Money. As soon as your bike is handed over to our shipping company or the buyers, you can conveniently pay out.

Any more questions?

On Buycycle the used purchase runs like in any normal online store. We take care of the shipping and the complete payment processing. If something is wrong with the bike, we take care of the return process for you. You simply return your bike to us and get your money back.
Sellers can decide whether to offer their bike at a fixed price or a negotiable price. If the seller's price is negotiable, you as a buyer can also make a counteroffer under the matching bike. Just click on negotiate price and enter your offer. After that, the seller can accept your offer, reject it or send you his own counteroffer.
With your height and stride length you will find your appropriate size. To determine the right frame size for you, you should measure your height and stride length. Please measure the length from the sole of your foot to your crotch. You can use an object that simulates the saddle. In this case, measure to the top of your object. Note that the values are only a guide and may vary depending on the manufacturer.
Besides Germany, we currently offer shipping to the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary Please note that this will change the costs for shipping and premium check. In your shopping cart you will see the country specific shipping costs. We are constantly adding new countries, if your country is not on the list please contact us directly.
In all cases, a fee of 1.5% of the total amount is charged for the secured payment. The other costs differ depending on which shipping method is chosen: If you pick up the item yourself, you only pay a commission of 30€. The optional shipping costs 100€. You can book the premium check of your bike for 250€ additionally. Please note that the prices for shipping and premium check are only valid within Germany. You can easily calculate the prices for shipping abroad in the shopping cart.
You can pay for the bike online and get the contact details of the seller. Now you can make an appointment and test ride the bike. We will capture the amount from your payment only after you have confirmed the delivery. If you don't like it, you don't have to take it home and we won't collect the payment.
In 7-10 business days the bike is with you. Immediately after purchase of the bike, the seller is sent the appropriate packaging material. Then our forwarding agent picks up the bike and delivers it to you.
If the bike does not match the specifications in the sale ad, you can simply send it to buycycle and get your money refunded immediately. We will assess the deviations from the sale ad and take care of a reversal with the seller:in if necessary. Please note that a correctly stated but mismatched size is unfortunately not a reason for return. Please note that return requests must be received by email (info@buycycle.de) within 48 hours of receipt of the bike.
Yes, the price is freely selectable for you as seller. Based on your bike and its condition, we suggest a recommended price. At this price you can assume that your bike will be sold within a few days.
The listing of your bike is completely free of charge. Only in the event of a successful sale, a commission of 1.5% of the sale price is due. For this you are always secured and are protected from all possible problems.
As a marketplace we secure the payment for both sides. This means that buyers pay wheels directly as in an online store. Only then you will receive a request to confirm the sale. If you accept this, we collect the money from the buyer with our payment service Checkout.com. As soon as you have handed over the bike to the shipping company or to the buyer, you can withdraw the money to your bank account in your profile. Please note that at the moment we have to hold the money for at least 4 days with our payment service provider before you can click on "pay out" due to the European money laundering law.
If a bike is purchased with shipping option, we send you as a seller directly the appropriate packaging material. As soon as your bike is packed, you make an appointment with the shipping company to pick it up. After the pickup by the shipping company, you can transfer the money to your account in your profile under the item Payments.

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